Monday, August 1, 2022

Finished Cup:1997 Ex2000 Baseball

A finished cup. Something that I couldn't accomplish this morning as my coffee maker is apparently having issues and likes to add grounds to my coffee. It's one of those mornings if something goes wrong, it will. Or it at least feels that way without my coffee.

At least in the hobby world, I was able to actually finish a cup....again.

Within the same time frame, I finished up my 1996 Spx baseball set, that you can view HERE, I was also able to acquire the final missing piece for my 1997 Ex2000 baseball set after a big assist from TCDB member Abide helped get me to it.

If you didn't know, I would rank 1997 Ex2000 as one of the Top 3 best looking base card sets of the 90's. Once again, I need to really make a post on my rankings.

To finish up my 1997 Ex2000 baseball set, another member of the TCDB family got me there. I am not sure what their member name is on the website, but on Twitter they are known as @thirdcoastcards and they messaged me asking for my address as they had the final missing piece for my set.

That missing piece, Barry Bonds. What joy it was to finally reunite him with his Ex2000 family.

*shivers down the spine*

Here is look at the 102-card, 100 cards and 2 checklists, set.

(ignore the paper taped on the page as I reuse all of my pages)



This last picture also gives you a sneak peek of the next set I am hoping to complete, 1998 Ex2001. Needs for that set are on the link embedded in the wording.

Big thanks goes out to @thirdcoastcards for the set help. Appreciate it!!!

This completed set now goes along with the 1997 and 1998 football ones I have already finished. Now to do the 1998 Ex2001 and both basketball sets. Basketball will be near impossible with Kobe and Jordan.

Thoughts on my latest set completion is welcomed in comments!


  1. Congrats! Good-looking set. I had no idea there were so many cards in it.

    1. Thanks! I didn't either. It seems the baseball sets for the Spx and this one are much bigger than the football. I believe that has 50

  2. I was happy to help. And looking forward to helping some other unfinished cups. "abide"

  3. Gorgeous set. Congratulations on completing it.

  4. Great set. Always a good feeling to finish a set. By the way, I was able to visit Burbank Sports Cards while I was on vacation. It is an amazing store. Check out my latest post.


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