Sunday, August 28, 2022

Slice Of American Pie:Phelps Wins 8 Golds

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In my last post in this series, I mentioned how I ran into some luck on landing some set needs for my 2011 Topps American Pie set. Today, I am showing off another add from that lot I got.

Card #192 in the set showcases one of the greatest swimmers and record-breaking swimming performances in the Summer Games where Michael Phelps took home 8 gold medals.

Here he is showing them off. I would imagine if he left these on too long his neck would ache.

Card back with a writeup on his performance.

This has also been called Phelp's rookie card by many as well. I am not sure if it technically is.

I also can't imagine having that kind of talent in water. I don't even swim personally. When I get hot in the summer, I find the closest air conditioner ...or a place that has Iced Coffee.

I still have a few more to show off from this lot coming up.

If you have any of these cards in your collection and want to check and see if I need them for my set chase, CHECK IT OUT HERE to see my needs. I am creeping closer to completion on this one.

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Michael Phelps now has a total of 28 metals in his career with 23 of those being golds. It seems when this man gets in the water he is the Tom Brady of swimming.

Thoughts on today's card or Michael Phelps welcomed in comments.

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  1. Cool card. It was fun rooting for him during all of those Olympics. Kinda surprised his cards are sought after more. Speaking of cards... he has a few others that I know of: 2004 (Donruss or Leaf) Fans of the Game, 2004 SI for Kids, and a 2008 Allen & Ginter. I'm pretty sure he has at least one more SI for Kids card too.

    1. You are absolutely right. The Fans of The Game from what i see is most sought out

  2. I've never seen that card before, but its pretty sweet.

  3. Swimming is fun. Swimming for contest is less so, at least for me. But I totally respect what he did under the bright lights of the Olympics. Hope you'll be able to complete your set soon!


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