Thursday, August 25, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Prestige Hobby H2 Hybrid Box (BIG HIT!!!)

*sits down with cup of steaming hot coffee in hand.*

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Football season is right around the corner!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! And nothing gets me more pumped than opening up some NEW NFL football cards before the season begins!! Yeah, there are draft football products out, but nothing tickles my coffee senses more than a new NFL release with most players updated with their new teams and rookies with at least a team logo.

One of the early season products to include these is Prestige which has been a longstanding favorite of this bloggers for quite some time.

Recently I was able to get my hands onto a box and wanted to show it off on here.

*takes a sip, prepares to rip*

Every 2022 Prestige Hobby H2 Hybrid box comes with 10 packs of 10 cards. I have never opened a hybrid box before so this was new territory for me. Each of these boxes should have 20 Rookies10 Galaxy Parallels, 10 #'d Parallels and 20 Inserts. I am not sure if these have guaranteed hits or not. Boxes currently run just under $200 depending on where you buy one.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

The base set is much bigger this year than past year releases. There is 300 veteran base which includes legendary players and players in updated uniforms such as Russ Wilson in a Broncos uni which is plain weird. 90 more cards make up the rookies then 10 more rookies on top of that are Sp's. Overall, there are 400 cards.

The base card design fits past designs and there are some action shots to be found.

Card back with a nice writeup, image and one year of stats. I do miss the more stats years.

Here are a couple more base card image sneaks. Legendary players and rookies that are featured in college unis but have team color scheme and team logos.

You can find the following parallels in 2022 Prestige football,
XTRA POINTS PARALLELS: Astral, Diamond, Dots, Galaxy, Sunburst, Red /449, Blue /299, Green /249, Purple /199, Gold /99, Orange /75, Pink /50, Platinum /25, and Black 1/1.
XTRA POINTS PREMIUM PARALLELS: Red /449, Blue /299, Green /249, Purple /199, Gold /99, Orange /75, Pink /50, Platinum /25, and Black 1/1.
Galaxy parallels

Red /449

Gold /99

Purple /199 (sweet PC card)

Green /249

Blue /299

Blue /299

(side note, notice the difference in the blues, the shiny one is the Premium parallel. so two same numbered colored parallels, two different looks)

Platinum /25

Red /449

Not too bad for numbered parallels.

Inserts may have the following parallels,
Red /449, Blue /299, Green /249, Purple /149, Gold /99, Orange /75, Pink /50, Platinum /25, and Black 1/1.
Youth Movement have the young guys from last years draft.  There are 20 cards in all to collect.

Franchise Favorites have 15 cards in the set to collect.

Any Given Sunday includes those guys who could pull out the last minute win when it counts. 20 of these guys are in the set to collect. Of course for me Eli was the most important one and I now have in via trade. You will have to follow Big Blue Cardboard to view that card.

20 cards of those guys you want to watch make up the Hightlight Reel checklist.

Prestigous Pros 25 card set returns once again to Prestige.

15 cards in the Heroes insert set. Other than the Unleashed insert, Marvel Insert, this is my third favorite insert Panini makes. Kupp is a Blue /299.

10 cards in the Time Stamped insert.

Living Legends, hopefully I can add the Eli Manning to my PC soon. There are 30 of these to collect.

25 cards make up the Power House insert.

Ranking as my 4th favorite Panini insert are these Season's Greetings. There are 25 cards to collect and the design is basically the same as last years. I am okay with that. I wished they would do NFL versions.

*takes a quick coffee break before moving onto the final card of the box, which was actually pulled in the first pack*

I am not sure if these are guaranteed or not, but you can't go wrong landing a top draft pick autograph!! BOOM SHAKALAKA! This is also on-card. I think these were signed at the RPS.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I liked this year's product again, especially the shiny inserts and parallels.

The box price on these is quite steep with no actual guarantees and that worries me. However, there are retail options for Prestige such as blaster boxes that are just as much fun but cheaper options (under $30).

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵 and on a per box basis. not for overall product)

Design 🍵🍵🍵🍵
Photography 🍵🍵🍵
Inserts: 🍵🍵🍵🍵
Hits 🍵🍵🍵🍵
Price 🍵
Value 🍵🍵🍵

Your thoughts on this product welcomed in comments!

*takes one final sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Wow, nice box! I'm glad you got some of your guys like Toney and Barkley. Will you please let me know if any of the Wolverines are available (even if the Hutchinson auto isn't)? I think you pulled a few from Chronicles as well, are those available at all? There was an Ojabo auto and some base/inserts too :)

  2. Not for me, but I'm not a football card collector. Adam doesn't like signing his long name does he?

  3. Those Any Given Sunday cards of Joe Montana and Kurt Warner are cool. Prestige is a nice product. I have bought these before myself, just not remembering exactly what year.

  4. $200 ($170 on-line) is steep for a box of this product with the only guarantee being 10 #'d cards. This should be a $75-$100 at most. Panini prices are out of control. Select $1,700 for a box with 2 autos. Optic Football $1,700 for 1 auto. Why? I can't afford these boxes so I just stick to buying the singles.

  5. If it pops up in retail, I may try a pack, but I'm assuming Panini jacked up the price, so we'll see. Thanks for showing off the cards!

  6. Season's Greetings and the heroes inserts are my favorite from this box as well. Getting the number 1 pick auto was also pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing your box break!

  7. Aidan Hutchinson was second overall I believe….. nice hit tho! Crap auto what is that……

  8. C'mon Aidan. I sure hope you're more successful on the field than you are at signing your name. I'm not a Lions fan by any means... but they are one of the teams I want to see succeed as long as it's not at the expense of the Seahawks or Packers.


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