Friday, August 19, 2022

Stack Of Goods

*sits down, impressed after an hour was able to get internet to work again. the struggle is real*

*coffee has been ready, mediocre warm now at best, takes a sip and gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

I must apologize to all of those I have recently gotten mail days from. The lack of great internet isn't helping me in getting caught up on mail day posts. So, those posts will come when I can get a connection, please be patient as your turn will come.

Now let's move onto one of those mail day posts today.

*takes a sip*

@JGfan24ever has been a long friend on Twitter and recently sent me a stack of goods.

And it was a solid stack for sure!

With it being such a big stack, I had to narrow it down to fit today's post frame. I decided to do one of those countdown posts that everyone enjoys (or doesn't).

I liked all of the cards obviously, but some were more favorites than others.

Here were my Top 5 favorite cards from this mail day.
#5 2021 Playoff Red Zone Aaron Robinson. There is a lot of pressure on Robinson who is going to be pushed into the starting role this season after the Giants cut James Bradberry.

#4 a trio of Yankees that features one of the leagues best hitter this year in Aaron Judge.

#3 is a new Ken Griffey Jr for my collection. I don't chase Griffey anymore with so much competition out there for him, but I still collect him when people send or trade him to me.

#2 combine my favorite Panini insert design of all-time with chrome finish and a silver refractor look with the leagues big hitter, you have a winner. What a card!

#1 @JGfan24ever had this card for sale for weeks and weeks, not a single bite but he knew I was interested so he sent it to me. I never watched the Catwoman movie as the reviews were really bad on it and I am also not one for spinoffs, but this still fits into my non sport/Batman PC.

Thanks again to Michael for this mail day! I need to hit you back with a suprise at some point.

*takes a sip before finishing up this post*

Some great card adds to my collection, but did I put them in the right order? Let me know in comments if any you would switch any of them. Your thoughts on the mail day in general would be welcomed in general.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Haven't seen the Catwoman movie either which is why I'd put the Judge card at the 1 spot. Will be fun years from now to see how Aaron Robinson develops. A solid career from him could change the order of this list at some point.

  2. The bad hype this movie gets is a little over the top. It was no worse than some of the other superhero movies, imo. Then again, watching Halle Berry bounce around in that tight Catwoman costume may have distracted me from realizing how bad this movie was. One thing about the autos for this set, the two main stars did not participate in doing any. They perhaps were too ashamed, me thinks. 😂


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