Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Panini Chronicles Draft Football Hobby Box

INTERNET!!! Well, at least this morning.

So, let's celebrate that with a cup of piping hot coffee and a box of cards to open.

Let's rip open one of the latest products from Panini to kick off the new season of football, 2022 Panini Chronicles Draft.

*takes a sip, gets ready to rip*
Every box of 2022 Panini Chronicles Draft Picks has 6 packs of 8 cards. Every box also has 4 hits to find for $170 per box. There should be three autographs and one relic card per box.


There is a Chronicles base set (the Hutchinson), but there is also a total of 12 products included in Chronicles.  I call them all base sets, others may call them inserts. I just wished they were all included into one set and have them tiered.

Most of the sets are 2022 rookie class heavy, but there are some veterans mixed in as well including one Eli Manning I need to get cards of still.

Here are some of the other "base" set offerings. Most of them include 25 in each "base" set except Spectra that is 100 cards deep.

Each of the 12 sets has their own parallel offerings. Here are the ones I found in my break.

Recon has, 
Bronze, Pink, Red /149, Blue /99, Purple /49, Cracked Ice /11, Gold /10, Green Cracked Ice /6, and Platinum 1/1.
Blue /99

Phoenix has the following parallels,
Bronze, Pink, Silver, Red /149, Blue /99, Purple /49, Cracked Ice /11, Gold /10, Green Cracked Ice /6, and Gold Vinyl 1/1.
Blue /99. Guess it's a blue box. This card looks pretty cool and was one of my favorite cards from the break. He is also my favorite player from this draft that's not a Giant.

Optic has the following parallels,
Bronze, Holo, Pink, Red /149, Blue /99, Purple /49, Cracked Ice /11, Gold /10, Green Cracked Ice /6, and Gold Vinyl 1/1.
Holo Silver

Spectra has the following parallels,
Neon Blue /99, Neon Pink /75, Neon Green /49, Red /25, Gold /10, Emerald /5, and Nebula 1/1.
Neon Pink /75. Stunning card.

Donruss Retro has the following parallels,
Bronze, Pink, Red /149, Blue /99, Purple /49, Cracked Ice /11, Gold /10, Green Cracked Ice /6, and Platinum 1/1.

Purple /49 (anyone have any favorite cards from the original series designed like this?)

Before moving onto the hits. My stomach is rumbling and I need a coffee refill. These reviews take a long time to write.

*gets up, brews fresh cup of coffee*

*proceeds to toaster and makes two pieces of wheat toast with light butter. sits back down and gets ready to complete this post*

*takes a sip, a bite of toast and gets moving on*

Dan Marino Moxie relic card. Let's first say how cool this card looks. Second, what an odd relic swatch. Looks like a practice jersey penny relic. I want to hear your guys thoughts in comments.

Breece Hall of the J...E...T..S

David Ojabo autograph with the Origins design. 

College Ticket rookie auto of Tyler Goodson.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

My final thoughts on this product is what is always is when it comes to Chronicles, I like the concept, but I think it still needs tweaking. I prefer the base set be built up of the different products. Maybe not have different products with the same player checklist. Make one checklist of 200 cards, 100 veterans and 100 rookies. Use your 12 to 20 different product designs in that 200 card checklist and mix it up some.

Other than that, the parallels are fun and seeing more than just a basic design is as well.

The value in this break though was tough for the cost. Hopefully I saved the good hits for you guys.

Thoughts on this break welcomed in comments.

Have a great Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Definitely overpriced but still a fun product otherwise--I really like the mix of products. Nice Hutchinson and Ojabo too!

  2. I actually hate the mix of sets in one 'set'. But I love the Marino relic. And I agree that it is very strange to include that type of stringy practice jersey as a relic, but it's unique enough that I love it.

  3. Marino still had a college practice jersey for Panini to use? Chronicles is too all over the place for me so I'll pass; good thing Illinois doesn't produce stud NFL players. Thanks for showing off the cards!

  4. This is one product I can't stand. The fact that they use current year product design seems like a money grab. If you want Prizm, buy Prizm. If you want Optic, buy Optic. I should not have to look at the small print on the back to see that it is Chronicle and not Prizm. This product is perfect in misleading people on what you are buying on the secondary market. They should just copy off Topps Archives and used older designs, but I guess they can't since they don't have the history.


Cards and coffee go together like PB&J, so don't you and leaving a comment below. Take a sip and let me know your thoughts!