Friday, August 5, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop

*sits down with hot coffee, a card, breakfast (toaster strudel) and the laptop. now to put up the latest post on Cards Over Coffee*

Lack of mail days comes with lack of content to post on. I do have a couple of non-mail day type of posts coming up, but I need to take pictures first so I can complete those. It will be another Blog Bat Around so hopefully more than three of you will participate in that one.

For now, I present you with another Unfinished Cup (yes, I feel your disappointment through the computer and phone screens)

At least it's basketball this time (now I can feel you glaring at me)

(one or more of you just gave me an eye roll)

(some of you may have even clicked off for another post or blog to read)

*takes a sip before moving on with today's post*

Falling at 1:24 packs, Top Crop is a fun looking insert that featured All-Star calibers players from the Eastern and Western Conferences on double-sided matrix shine. The U.S. map is featured on the players background for the East Coast and West Coast featured player.

Western Conference side

Eastern Conference side.

There are 12 to collect in the set.

Here is what I have remaining,

If you have any of my remaining needs, let me know below or contact me at Always up for a PWE trade!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Hopefully the next time I post, it won't be another Unfinished Cup. My other hope, is that my WiFi will actually allow me to post. It was an hour long struggle today just to push through even this short post. If I haven't mentioned it yet, don't ever use HughesNet. Overpriced and doesn't work.

*takes another sip and bite of cold breakfast*

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday and amazing weekend!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. The MJ/Payton card has been on my wantlist for years. Two of my favorite players from that era of basketball.

  2. Never seen these inserts before but would totally chase them too. Hope this will become a finished cup for you!


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