Thursday, August 4, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1996 Topps Gilt Edge

Some sets I post on here that I want to complete will make you scratch your heads, but, I have my reasons for wanting to do so. I promise.

The same promise I make to my coffee that I will finish the cup even if I get busy and it gets cold.

Now that I think about it, that's sort of like my set collecting. Even if I put a set down for many years, I still have to make the promise to the set that I will finish it.

1996 Topps Gilt Edge football was a one and done product. It seems collectors didn't really care too much for the design on these. Except when you are 13-year-old boy where the design really catches your attention.

The design features two different background designs. One has a wave background for NFC players featured in the 1996 Pro Bowl while the fire background features the AFC players in the 1996 Pro Bowl. Both base card designs feature a prominent tiki mask, which has to do with Hawaiian culture since the Pro Bowl was being played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii at the time. I think it should had stayed there and that they should have kept the same rules. The Pro Bowl is one of the worst All-Star games out there now.

Not that I find any of the All-Star games exciting.

Here is the NFC design.

And here is the AFC design.

After a trade with my buddy Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame, who knocked down 26 needs, all that I have left of the 90-card set for completion is, 

This one is closer than I thought

If you have any of my needs, let me know in comments or drop me an email at

Thoughts on this product welcomed in comments!


  1. I typically toss my coffee after the end of the school day, but I'm a little more patient with set builds. Always wondered why they used those tiki masks on the design. The Pro Bowl thing totally makes sense.

  2. cool set, never heard of it until now, good luck. "Abide"


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