Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Batman Forever Cards

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This has been a long couple of weeks with very, very spotty internet for both my mobile and WiFi. I am fortunate at the moment, after waiting half an hour for this post to call up, to be able to put up a new post. Yesterday's post was already in my drafts from last month or otherwise today would be the first post in some time.

Today's cards were acquired for my Batman collection awhile back. They were in my watchlist for some time before I finally pulled the trigger and landed them.

*takes a sip*

After watching Batman and Batman Returns, I couldn't wait until Batman Forever came out. Especially after how great Batman Returns was. Even though I was disappointed that Keaton chose not to reprise the role of Batman as he played that role top notch.

But, I would say that Val Kilmer who took over the Batman role, did it justice as well. 

Along with Kilmer, this movie had all the big names. Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, and Chris O'Donnell that led the way.  Expectations were high for the film with so many names, however, after its release, many felt mixed on the film (despite all of the money it made) as I did myself.  I liked Jones (Two-Face) and Carrey (The Riddler) in their roles as the villains, but felt the movie felt more fake than the first two that had more of a realistic dark feel. This one was almost to the point of being too goofy at times.

I can't say it was all bad though as there were some cool parts and effects and a lot of bright colors. Not to mention it includes my favorite song of all-time, Kiss From A Rose by Seal. So that's worth the watch alone.

Even though the film wasn't a huge hit with me, I still collect Batman cards. I found these cheap and unique Promo cards from the movie and thought for less than $5, it was worth the add.

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The promo cards arrived in this small waxy-feeling envelope. I assume that's how these were distributed. Not sure though on how they were handed out.

The full set is five cards, even though a lot of listings only show four and most of the time Batman is missing.


Kidman (try to keep your eyes focused on rest of the post and not drool out your coffee)



My next question is, are these rookies of these actors or were they seen on cardboard before this? Hmmm. Let me know in comments.

This movie ranks third place for me when it comes to ranking the early on Batman movies. It falls behind Batman Returns (1) and Batman '89 (2). It is however long and far ahead of Batman and Robin which may be the worst Batman movie of all-time. Having Clooney play Batman was an awful idea even though he has the "Bruce Wayne esque look".

Thoughts on my latest adds and what order you put the older Batman films in welcomed in comments.

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I hope the internet starts to work soon. It's tough not being able to show off some of my recent adds and another new Blog Bat Around. However, I have been able to accomplish taking some pictures for future posts and getting some cards organized so not having internet hasn't been all that bad.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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  1. No idea whether or not those cards are rookie cards... but they're cool. As for ranking the older Batman films:

    1st: Batman 1989
    2nd: Tie

    Neither Batman Forever or Batman Returns stand out to me. 1989 will always be special... just because it was one of those movies we waited in long lines for. Plus there was so much hype surrounded that film.

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  3. I'm too young to have any recollection of any Batman movie before Batman Forever. I grew up watching Adam West with my mom do his take on Batman, and it was real over the top and campy. It made me think that is what Batman is. Then I discovered the comics, especially those from the 80s and they're gritty and dark. Just goes to show that as a character there have been many takes on Batman so which movie is the best, or how to rate them really depends on what the character means to you. I'll take Jim Carrey any day over the most recent Riddler though...Cool promo cards btw

  4. Those cards look familiar. I enjoyed Forever because of Jim Carrey in his prime. Clooney was the least of the problems with Batman & Robin. I tried to introduce my kid to Batman and Batman Returns over the weekend since BBC America was showing it. He lost interest in Batman but paid attention to Batman Returns, especially when the Penguin army showed up.

  5. The Batman [ Batman 22 ] was a fun watch / enjoyable. The supporting cast of Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Ferrell, John Turturro were all solid. "abide"


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