Friday, September 2, 2022

Coffee Break:2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball Box 2

*sits down and gets ready for another, yes, another new post for cards over coffee*

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I think if I was to make myself a hobby shirt, hopefully one I could keep without coffee stains, I would put the words "I Love Chrome" on it. It would look like one of those I love NY shirts.


I already opened up one of these Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary boxes earlier this year, but it was a rough break. I am hoping for some magic the second time around.

*takes a sip*

*was going to move on with the post but two Pumpkin Spice Oreos sounded good with this cup of coffee on this colder fall type day*

*takes a bite, takes a sip*

Every box of 2021 Tops Chrome Platinum Anniversary baseball comes with 24 packs of 4 cards. Each box comes with multiple refractors and one autograph per box. Sort of set up like regular Topps Chrome. Each box is roughly $125-$150.

Since I already did a break of this product, my breakdown will just be on my pulls from the box.

Here are the refractors for this product,
Refractor, Prism, Black & White Mini-Diamonds, X-Fractor, Aqua Wave, Blue Mini-Diamonds /199, Red Atomic /100, Green/Yellow 70th /99, Rose Gold Mini-Diamonds /75, Platinum 70th Mini-Diamonds /70, Gold/Rose Gold 70th Wave /50, Orange/Yellow 70th /25, Black/Gold 70th /10, Black/Red 70th Mini-Diamonds /5, SuperFractor 1/1.

Base refractors.


Platinum 70th Mini-Diamonds /70

Aqua Wave

Orange/Yellow 70th /25

I got at least a parallel this time. Not the greatest pull again.

Second box wasn't that great. The first box wasn't either, but I have seen some really solid breaks online of the product. I just don't have that kind of luck.

Thoughts on today's break welcomed in comments!

Have a great Friday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I'm with you. Could have been better. Always hoping for more from these. Some nice cards here but not any wow factor. Good post.

  2. I like the Thomas and Bichette, but yeah, not a wonderful break.

  3. If I open a box of Topps Stadium Club, I'm bound to get the Laureano auto, so I feel your pain. I'd trade you for the Thomas though.

  4. At least the auto was a recognizable name. And I agree, great Thomas. Thanks for showing off more cards!


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