Sunday, September 11, 2022

Getting A Sweater On For Football Season

*takes an excited sip, today is football day! coffee, cards, blogging, football...heaven. takes a sip*

*takes another sip, gets ready for a new post*

Before I move on with today's post, I wanted to take a moment of silence for all of those that had fallen on 9/11. Please do so with me.

Thank you.

*takes a sip remembering that day and says a small prayer*

*takes another sip, moves on with today's post*

It's officially football season! Today marks the first Sunday with a full slate of games and I can't wait. I am not expecting a lot out of the Giants this season but would love to see a few surprise wins and some growth with Daniel Jones. I honestly want him to succeed so we won't have to draft a QB next year and use our picks to fill in more offensive line and secondary needs.

With fall here and more cold weather on the way, I started to think it was time for me to dig out my sweater...shirt. My sweatshirt. I am not a sweater person, they just look so itchy. However, I do collect them for my Christmas PC.

In 2020, I completed the entire 42-card Donruss Rookie Sweater set and almost have the 8-card dual sweater set as well, missing just the Hurts/Reagor, Love/Dillion and Burrow/Higgins.

Which has now led me to want to chase down the 2021 Donruss Rookie Sweater Set. Once again, this set is 42-cards and right now I have roughly half of it complete. But, I am missing a lot of the big pieces which could be costly unless I find some trading partners.

I don't have all of my pieces in hand yet, but here is what I do have to show off for today's post,

Pretty cool, don't you think? Also, Toney was the first Giant included in this set. So, nobody can say I went without posting a Giants card on kickoff day.

I will update my set chase as I get more into it. I also have a spreadsheet I need to add to the next post as well so you can see where I am at. I may also chase the 8-card dual set as well, but who knows. I am hoping Panini produces another one of these sets for this year.

If you have any of these, just drop me an email at I am sure we can work out a trade if I need them!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have pizza dough thawing, my jersey and hat picked out, and I will be ready later when the Giants kickoff their season.

In comments today, your thoughts on my chase and your expectations for your NFL team welcomed in comments.

Have a great football Sunday!

*Coffee Card NFL Giants Fan Out*


  1. That is a cool set, I haven't seen those before. Now I may have to go chasing this! So many project which to chose? LOL.

    1. I know all about that. If it wasn't turning fall and heading towards Christmas I may have waited on this lol. Last years was just as much fun to collect and finish the set of.

  2. I don't expect much from the Seahawks. As for the Packers... anything less than a trip to the playoffs would be considered a disappointment.

  3. Love that they have some fun and created that set...My two teams are the Giants and Browns and honestly I'm not sure who will do better as QB performance is a big question mark for both.


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