Saturday, September 10, 2022


*sits down and takes a sip with much on the mind. takes another sip hoping that the sweet taste of coffee will take away some of the stress*

For the past couple of weeks, I have been desperately looking for a misplaced card in my house. I had it on my special card stand and cannot remember for the life of me where it went after I did some cleaning on the stand. Did I throw it away with some junk papers I had on there? Did I put it in a random box? Did it fall behind something?

So far, I have dug through all of the boxes I have used recently, for sorting, checked behind the obvious places it could have fallen, found the envelope it originally came in which was in the trash, so I searched the trash...with gloves on of course and I have also looked in other card stacks that were on that stand as well.


This is worse than the time that I mistakenly added sugar free creamer in my coffee. And that was pretty bad I may add.

*takes a sip feeling lucky that it doesn't have the sugar free taste*

I have lost cards before, who hasn't, and they usually pop up a few days later when I think of a spot they could be. This card is different. I have no idea where else to look as I have looked and re-looked everywhere possible. The even bigger problem is, it's not a card I can just go out and replace. It's a 1/1.


It's the same amount of pictures I have of it. ONE.
This 1/1 printing plate features 6 comediens including my favorite, Chevy Chase. I took this picture a day or two after getting the card to send a thank you on Twitter to the person I traded for it from.

The picture is all that I have now. (plays Memories by Maroon 5 in the back of his mind before jumping to Take A Picture by Filter)

I have not and will not give up the search for this card yet, but at some point, I realize I will have to let it go. I cannot let it continue to consume my mind wondering where it went too much longer.

In comments today, let me know if there was ever a card you lost and if you ever found it.

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Dang. That stinks. Have you looked in unconventional spots? On a bookshelf? In the back pocket of a pair of pants? Sometimes that's where an item like that turns up.

  2. I'm sure this plate will pop up sooner or later... hopefully sooner. As for missing cards... according to my records I purchased two PSA 10 Kobe Bryant Topps rookie cards, but there's only one sitting in my Kobe PC. Been looking for it since the start of the pandemic when I started selling duplicates of graded cards, but still haven't stumbled across it. Oh well. It'll turn up at some point.

    1. That's a painful one to lose.

      And so far, still no luck in finding it.

  3. I have a Roberto Alomar Smokey the Bear postcard somewhere. Somewhere! Couldn't find it after a decade and a half of sitting somewhere with my dormant collection.

    1. Ugh! Hopefully you will be able to find that!


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