Thursday, September 15, 2022

Coffee Break:2021-22 Prizm Basketball Blaster Box

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It's amazing two years later how basketball cards have fallen back under the radar again. No more hearing about flippers shoving collectors to the ground for product they can flip that would have Zion and Morant rookies in them. There are actually basketball cards on the shelves again. 

Including Prizm!

Since I saw some recently and since I like Prizm and collecting rookie cards from it, I grabbed a blaster and going to show off how I did on here.

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In every blaster box of 2021-22 Prizm basketball, you will find 6 packs of 4 cards per pack. Each blaster has no hit guarantees except three blaster exclusive Ice Prizm parallels. Each blaster goes for $35 each. I miss the $20 days.

I won't show off the regular base, but here were the key rookie cards I found in break. They have the same design as the base.
Not anyone I have heard of among this group. Overall, there are 330 cards to collect in the base set.

As always, Prizm is loaded with parallels. LOADED. Here are the options for this years basketball,

PRIZMS PARALLELS: Blue Wave, Green, Green Ice, Green Wave, Hyper, Ice, Blue NBA 75th, Orange Ice, Pink Ice, Pulsar, Purple Wave, Red/Gold Wave, Red Ice, Red/White/Blue, Ruby Wave, Silver, White Sparkle, Red /299, Blue /199, Purple Ice /149, Blue Ice /125, Purple /99, Red NBA 75th Diamond /75, Orange Wave /60, Orange /49, Pink Pulsar /42, Choice Blue /39, Purple Pulsar /35, Blue Shimmer /30, Green Pulsar /25, Mojo /25, Gold /10, Gold Shimmer /10, Gold Wave /10, Lucky Envelope /8, Black Gold /5, Green Shimmer /5, Black 1/1, and Black Shimmer 1/1.

CHOICE PRIZMS PARALLELS: Blue/Yellow/Green, Tiger Stripes, Red /88, Blue /39, Red/Blue/Purple /15, Green /8, and Nebula 1/1.

FAST BREAK PRIZMS PARALLELS: Base Fast Break, Blue /150, Red /100, Purple /75, Pink /50, Bronze /20, Neon Green /5.

FACTORY SET HYPER PRIZMS: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red.

Green and Purple Wave


Blaster Ice Prizm parallels in the blaster

And the best hit of the group, Jalen Green!

Instant Impact has 25 cards in the set to collect and Emergent has 30 to collect.

There are 10 cards to collect in the USA Basketball set. This one is a silver parallel.

Not a bad break, the Green definitely saved the cost here.

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I think I have fallen into the basketball cellar as well. I haven't really been chasing any recently other than a few 90's inserts and a couple of Allan Houston's since he was 90's related. Those are always welcomed. But, as for my newer player PC's I started, I have had no interest in adding more RJ Barretts, Obi Toppins or Immanuel Quickleys right now. I am happy where those collection are at.

Let me know your thoughts on newer basketball card collecting and if you feel it has taken a back seat some.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Prizm. Good news: I started liking Prizm baseball in the first year 2012. Completed that set. Decided to go for greens, blues, reds & golds too. Bad news: didn't get far with the reds, blues or golds. If I had pushed hard and grabbed a bunch of gold, especially the Trout, I'd have made my best financial decision of the decade. "abide"


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