Friday, September 30, 2022

Slice Of American Pie: Steve Jobs 1955-2011

*takes a bite of actual apple pie, takes a sip, and sits down with today's featured card. let's get ready for another new cards over coffee*

My American Pie set is slowly getting to its end, but I still have a way to go. What's great though is when you can find a deal like I posted about in the last the posts in this segments and landing some of these for $1 when some go for much more.

Like today's card.

*takes a sip before moving onto the card. another bite of apple pie*
I don't know if it actually is or isn't, but when most list this on eBay, they call this the Steve Jobs rookie card. 

If this is true, it's sad that it had to come in the form of his passing. This man was the legend of Apple products.
A small writeup on Jobs is on the back.

This was a big addition as this card normally goes for much more than $1. Sometimes even in the double digits.

If you have any of these cards in your collection and want to check and see if I need them for my set chase, CHECK IT OUT HERE to see my needs. And I noticed I had this locked before, now it can be viewed by everyone as I fixed the settings. So click that link.

Let me know your thoughts on Jobs or today's card in comments.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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  1. It's exciting to see you making gains on this set. I wonder if they'll make expansion packs for the last two decades

    1. I would love that if they did!

      Hopefully i can complete this soon

  2. Very cool card. Been an Apple guy since my father built our family Apple IIe back in the 80's.


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