Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday Morning Cup: Gardening

*sits down, takes a breath. finally, a new post on cards over coffee*

It has been a long few weeks and there hasn't been much time for blogging or the hobby. My goal this week is to set some time for both, though I have a lot going on this week as well.

One of those things is prepping for fall.
The leaves are starting to change colors which means I need to prep things outside such as taking care of the summer items before it gets too cold. Which the other day it was 35 degrees.

One of those preps is getting my garden fully picked and weeded so it will be ready for the spring again.
This year was the first year I was able to grow sunflowers and they came out in full bloom and colors this year.

And it was also the first year I was able to grow a Watermelon. This was the only one that grew despite multiple flowers on the plant. But hey, it's a start. Maybe more for next year.

Unless it does what my pumpkins did.

Last year, I had seven pumpkins from two plants. This year, this was the lone survivor and isn't even orange. I have no idea what kind of funky pumpkin this actually is. And no, it's not a gourd.

And finally, this is the first year I planted everything from seeds to save money from buying plants. Somethings grew fast, others took a while like my JalapeƱos. They are just starting to come out and I worry my supply will be low this year because it's so late in the year and the temps are cooling down fast. Hopefully I can get a few to use at least.

Most of these plants have been pulled now, well, not the peppers and most of the sunflowers still stand.

There time will come.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Hopefully you guys are enjoying this new segment that is a step away from cards.

However, I will toss in a sports part for this post as the Giants play tonight. Let's go Gmen!! Also, if you want to see my Giants collection, you can check that out on Big Blue Cardboard blog.

Have a great Monday and drink a few extra cups for me!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Everything I tried to grow this year ended up a fail. However my blueberry bush from last year did very well.

  2. Nice watermelon. That's one of my favorite things to snack on. Hope it was sweet and juicy.


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