Saturday, September 3, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1997 Ex2000 Fleet Of Foot

*with the temps down in the 50's and a cool breeze, it certainly feels like fall. thinking about needing a pumpkin spice coffee later as that is what today feels like so far*

*takes a sip of non-pumpkin spice coffee*

I have been doing way too many Coffee Break posts recently, I still have a couple of banger ones to post, but figured it was time to take a coffee break from a coffee break and put up another form of post. So here is my last Unfinished Cup in drafts. Read that again, it's my last one in drafts and not my last one.

Today I am tackling the die-cut uniqueness of what the 90's brought.

Let's take a look at my needs for the 1997 Ex2000 insert, Fleet Of Foot.

*takes a sip wishing it had pumpkin spice in it*

Fleet Of Foot was a die-cut insert of a cleat in the background featuring a colorful player in the forefront. These fell 1:20 packs of 1997 Ex2000 football.

Here is what they look like. Mark Brunell was one of the first ones I picked up as I never was lucky enough to pull one back in 1997.

I have completed a good chunk of this set, but still need the following,
1,2,6,7,8,14,15,17 and 18.

If you have any, let me know at

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

There will never be inserts like the ones we got to enjoy in the 90's. Today's inserts are blander than a cup of decaf coffee without creamer. Otherwise known as just drinking water.

Your thoughts on today's insert set is welcomed.

Hope you have a fantastic Saturday. 

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

*gets up, puts away laptop, card and now it heading out the door to go get some pumpkin spice coffee*

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  1. Die cut cards are a weakness of mine. I'm going to have to see which players are in this set that I would want to chase. Will look out for your missing ones as well. As for the 90s having the best inserts-you know it's true when the best ones from today simply copy them 😂


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