Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Topps Chrome Hobby Box

*takes a sip, gets ready to rip some newer Topps product. takes another sip. let's get on this*

It's Tuesday! Why is Tuesday exciting, well, I get to open my favorite Topps product since 1996. I haven't missed a year yet of opening at least a pack of Topps Chrome. I like Chrome so much that it has even become a household name. I can use Chrome in my jokes, I can use the word Chrome and everyone in the family will look at me. Chrome is a thing. I am a Chromie (groupie with Chrome love).

Today I am ripping the 2022 baseball edition so let's see how it goes!

*takes a sip, gets box in position*

Every hobby box of 2022 Topps Chrome baseball comes with 24 packs of 4 cards. Each box has 2 autographs, plenty of parallels and runs about $205 a box.

The Topps Chrome base set is simple, chrome up the Flagship product. There are 220 cards in the base set including veterans and


I chase the Chrome base card sets, but the ones from the 90's. Not the newer ones as the prices are a tad high.

As I said earlier, there are plenty of parallels.

Here are this year's options
Refractor, X-Fractor, Sepia, Pink, Prism, Negative, Magenta /399, Magenta Speckle /350, Purple Speckle /299, Purple /250, Aqua /199, Aqua Lava /199, Blue /150, Green /99, Green Wave /99, Blue Wave /75, Gold /50, Gold Wave /50, Orange /25, Orange Wave /25, Red /5, Red Wave /5, SuperFractor 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

Base refractors fall 1:3 packs. And yes, that is two of the same.

Prisms are 1:6 packs, not to bad on the Cruz pull!

Purple /299


Hmmm two Fraziers, start of a rainbow?

Club Plaques fall 1:24 packs and there are 25 cards to collect.

New Classics falls 1:12 packs, love this design, and there are 15 cards to collect. I lucked with the two players I landed, except does anyone even care about Wander anymore?

There are 15 cards in the Future Stars set.

There are 20 cards to collect in the Topps 1987 set. YES MORE OF THESE STINKIN' THINGS!! These fall 1:6 packs.

Heart Of The City falls 1:16 packs and probably is my favorite design in years for Chrome. I want this set. Have any? Contact me for a pwe trade at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com.


Well, unless you like the Astros, there isn't much to brag about with my pulls. This is usually how my Topps Chrome breaks go.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

As always, I am a Chrome fan. It was fun to open and see what I can find for refractors. However, I wouldn't pay the price of a hobby box this year. Really steep for what you get. I mean, yeah, there are huge possibilities, but this box wasn't it.

I also normally suggest retail as an option when hobby is unattainable prices, but this year retail shot up in price as well. It is $35 a blaster box and I have seen lots of them just sitting on shelves locally. Nobody wants it which is both good and bad.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵 and on a per box basis. not for overall product)

Design 🍵🍵🍵
Photography 🍵🍵🍵
Inserts: 🍵🍵🍵🍵
Hits 🍵
Price 🍵
Value 🍵

Your thoughts on this product welcomed in comments!

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  1. Pretty cards, hope I can find some.

    Good Job! 👍

  2. Nice inserts… but yeah, at $2 per card buying boxes and packs, I bet I could just buy the inserts online and be a lot happier

  3. Ok you inspired me - I just picked up 5 New Classics and a handful of base and refractors for players I like on eBay - all for much less than $2/card shipped. I was done before I even finished my first cup - now that’s some Cards over Coffee!

  4. The price of the boxes are too much. So each year I just buy a set off Ebay. Usually in the $70-$100 area for a set. This year it is looking like it will be under the $100 as there are really only the two rookies in it. Then once I get the set, i look it over and replace any cards that need replacing (usually 1 or 2 a year with really bad centering or a scratch). It is a cheaper way to go if you are just looking to collect the sets like i do.

  5. Yeah, the prices for simple blasters of this are kinda dumb. But as long as Select is around it's not the dumbest thing expensive blaster thing ever.


  7. Wow, $35 a blaster box? Don't know if I'll roll the dice on one if I come across one. Thanks for showing them off!

  8. Heart of the city is a beautiful insert. Curious to see what the others in the set look like. Thanks for sharing!


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