Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Love Is In The Air

Sometimes when there is love, there is pain. Today I am feeling the pain from my surgery yesterday. As I expected, the Urologist couldn't reach the kidney stone and I had a stent placed to help widen my ureters so they can reach the stone in two weeks.


All I can say is imagine without too much TMI having to run to the bathroom every hour and a half, going to the bathroom feeling like you are letting go of acid while a mule or donkey kicks in you the kidneys and that's how I feel.

And I went all day yesterday without coffee. NO COFFEE is pain alone.

That changes today. Even though the pain from the stent is there, I was not going empty handed on the coffee end. Especially on Valentine's Day with an item I love.

*takes a sip, maybe kisses it*

Let's move onto something more positive, because today is Valentine's Day and love is in the air. 

Have you ever just saw a card and immediately fell in love with it? Like you needed it and can't live without it?

I had that recently and I am sure you have as well.
When I saw this 2023 Leaf Pop Century Proof Walk Of Fame Kaleidoscope 1/1 of Chevy Chase, I knew I needed it for my PC of him.

The front of the card features like a star/space appeal that my lightbox couldn't even fully capture it's beauty.
The back of the card has a guarantee and a shiny appeal. I didn't undo the Leaf sticker to look closer at the back. My hobby OCD wouldn't allow such things.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Before I close out today's post, I wanted to wish my wife a Happy Valentine's Day and that I love you. I am never sure which posts she reads or doesn't.

As for the rest of you, I love reading your guys comments and your input about this blog. So, I guess you can say I love you guys!

I also wanted to remind you of the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame voting and that it needs you guys to nominate cards in. Details on this again can be found HERE. I may add this to every post from here on out for a reminder as I will forget about this too! Haha!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. That 1/1 may have to be nominated, especially if you fell in love with it on sight!

  2. I like how you focus on the positives. The Chase card is really nice! Hopefully the pain subsides and the two weeks will fly by so you can get some resolution.

  3. My wife just dealt with kidney stones. Hope it's not as bad as you fear. (I'd say I hope it's not bad at all, but I think that's too much to hope for.)

    Fletch is one of the funniest and most quotable movies ever.

    1. Yes it is. I need to watch it again.

      Thanks, so far it's a lot longer than I fear. Hoping they can move it up

  4. I am very sorry to hear that and the stent for 2 weeks ?!! Having that there literally makes it feel like you are letting out fire. Literally...

    Leaf should have used one of Fletchs fake names.. John Cocktoasten...

  5. Oh man, I passed my 2nd kidney stone about a month and a half ago. That is some epic pain if you don't have the meds for it. Must be a big one if they're going in after it. Take care!

    1. I have been living off from tylenol and ibuprofen. and prunes, because when you take that much pain meds, you need to balance it out to go to the bathroom

  6. Sorry to hear that you're in a lot of pain. Hope the next two weeks fly by for you.


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