Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The Shoebox Delivers Part 2

Coffee is brewed and hot. Cards are ready next to me, and I am ready for a new Cards Over Coffee.

As promised with Part 1 of the magical Shoebox trade I did with my father, I said I would reveal what key/fun cards were in the trade in a series of posts.

I finally took a few minutes this morning just to snap the pictures I wanted for my baseball part of these posts and I am ready to go with this next installment.

So, let's kick it off and see some baseball cards.

*takes a sip*

There were actually a lot of baseball cards as opposed to other sports in the shoebox. I cannot show off everything that was in there as most were incomplete base sets, so I am putting the main focus on the inserts and parallel cards I discovered instead.
There were roughly 100 of these Collectors Choice stickers in there. Not sure if there was a complete set or not, but there were plenty of duplicates of each player including my main man Griffey.

Roughly ten of these were included in the box with Gary being the best player in the group.

There was plenty of Gold Medallions found from a variety of years. This one is from 1998.

1999 (I posted Jay because we have roughly the same kind of hair cut)


There was probably about 25 cards for each year. I made sure to double check for Platinum medallions, but there were none. Curses!

There was plenty of these though, 1998 Bowman International Parallel. About 50 to be a rough estimate. 

I thought this was a really cool looking insert concept with the black/white and colored side taking a look at the future and the past. We need more creativity like this now-a-days. There was roughly 6 to 8 of these in the box and these fell 1:6 packs.

There were two Big Shots. These fell 1:4 packs and look great. Ultra nailed it with the insert designs.

Double Trouble inserts. These were the only two in there and fell 1:4 packs with 20 cards in the set.

And then what I considered the best finds of the baseball cards if not the entire box, 1:8 pack odds Kid Gloves. Embossed insert with a glove background speaks baseball to me. It also speaks that I need to chase this 12-card set now. If any of you have any I don't have pictured here, let me know!

This sums up the baseball cards of the shoebox. I still have NY Giants which I will post on here, Football which had some really cool finds and basketball with some sneaky fun discoveries.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope all of you come back and see what's coming up next in this series! I am not sure when I will get to posts with so many appointments and possible procedures coming up, but I will get to it when I can. My urology appointment is currently set up for Thursday, but I have PT on my shoulder tomorrow. And if all goes well,I will have surgery Friday on the kidney stone if I cannot pass it before then.

I hope all of you have a great Tuesday. Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them any chance you get.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Very nice cards with much color and shiny looks. Coffee is good on Tuesday and every day. Thanks for the reminder on loving people. I need to work on that. Refill please?

  2. I do like the Collectors Choice stickers and once considered collecting them, but I already have enough collections as it is. And yes, the Kid Gloves cards are awesome. Praying all goes well for you.

    1. Thank you and yeah, I have a few small sticker collections myself of these

  3. I really like the Collector's Choice Stick-Um's inserts... and the Ultra Kids Gloves. Hope that kidney stone passes smoothly, so you don't have to have surgery.

  4. Big shots insert is great, just wish it showed different stadiums for each team. Hoping all your appointments and procedures go smoothly!


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