Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Shoebox Delivers Part 1

January is finally over with. I am still here and that's a blessing.

I am hopeful that February goes much better.

I do have coffee in hand so that's got to be a good start.

*takes a sip*

Before I kick off today's post, I wanted to give a shoulder update since I was able to get into my MRI and follow up ortho appointment a week early.

Good news is, no tears, the broken piece must be healing, and no surgery required. However, there is a deep bruise under my rotator cuff that is causing my pain and will take a while to heal. I will also be starting PT on my shoulder tomorrow to get the mobility and strength back. Overall, not bad news and I will take it.

The other good news is not having to wear this anymore and giving my arm room to breathe. It has helped also ease some of the other pain I was experiencing.

*takes a sip and gets ready the first post of the month*

As I said in yesterday's post, my drafts are running low as I haven't been getting a lot of incoming mail days.

What I didn't remember was that I pulled off a massive trade with my father in-person back in October I never posted. How dare I! 

Especially since it was awesome.

As always, my father was looking to add some rookie cards to his collection that he needed and, on my end, I was just looking for something fun from 1995-1999.

He dug deep into his closet and found a big shoe box full of random cards he got from a friend that didn't mean anything to him, but knew they would to me. I don't even think he checked out what was in there.

Because there were stacks and stacks of pretty decent stuff, which may have made this the best trade we have ever done.

I don't have the individual photos taken yet, but I will. For now, I will leave you with this teaser tray full of cards. I also made sure the best of the best wasn't showing leaving you wanting me when I finish a cup of coffee typing one of these posts.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

If you had a rough start to your year, I am hoping that your February goes better. Remember that there is only one way to go if you have had down month and that is up.

I look forward to sharing the results of this trade with you guys as well. There is a nice variety from multiple sports.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Great news on your shoulder! Excellent trade return with a ton of variety. That would have been fun to go through. Happy Thursday.

  2. Glad to hear the shoulder is on the mend!

  3. Woo, no surgery!
    I really need to get one of those sorting trays...Love those Fleer Ultra parallels. One day I might try to chase them down for a certain year/sport and doable master set.

  4. Glad there wasn't anymore bad news on your shoulder. Hope the road to recovery is quick. As for the new year... I know it's early... but so far 2024 has been much better than 2023.


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