Thursday, February 29, 2024

Almost Burger Season

Well, that was another fast month. Still not fast enough when it comes to getting this kidney stent out, but still pretty fast.

*gets up to get coffee, comes back to laptop and takes a sip*

This month marked one of the biggest months this blog has ever seen. Views and comments were at all-time highs which makes me excited for the future of this blog after all of the work that I put in on here. I just hope the momentum continues every month after this one.

*takes a sip, tips the mug towards the screen as a thanks to all of you*

With February closing out today, this means one thing to me. It means that Spring is coming soon and spring for me means, getting my flowers prepped, garden ready, lawn cleaned up from winter debris and most importantly digging out my grill after it took the winter off.

There is nothing like that first smell of grilled food. I look like one of those cartoon characters floating through the air following the scent.

Just like when that morning brew first hits the air.

One of my first grilling choices is a burger. There is nothing like a grilled burger on a soft bun with all of the toppings. This is also why I will choose Burger King over McDonalds.
It's so good that Allen and Ginter included it in their Get That Bread insert. 

So I am gonna brag, I own a Burger rookie card. Maybe in a few weeks I can get my burger to sign it 😉😉😉

*takes a sip before closing up today's post*

After February ends I usually am onto the countdown 
to March 19th, my birthday. Sadly, I could care less for my birthday right now as my countdown is more focused on the 22nd where the stent will be coming out.

That to me would be the greatest gift right now. Let's hope I can get in before then anyways as I would like to enjoy my first burger painless.

Enjoy the last day of February and I pray you all come back for more Cards Over Coffee in March.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Grilling weather? Tuesday we had 60 above. Yesterday we had a low of 0. My daughter requested burgers and there are some in the freezer. Do I dig out the grill? Praying for pain relief and for an earlier date for your procedure. I'll be here reading with a cup on my desk.

  2. I love burgers! I mean hot dogs are yummy too... but 9 out of 10 times I choose a burger first at a bbq.

    1. Yes! I love natural casing hotdogs on the grill. They are amazing.

  3. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?

  4. So glad we agree on Burger King over McDonald's. Hoping March goes better for you!

    1. I hope march is better, so far not. But yeah give me flame broiled every day


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