Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Shoebox Delivers Part 3

Coffee has been sitting around for a little while so it's a bit cold, but microwaving it doesn't quite save it either. I will drink it as is for today's post.

Cards are ready next to me, and I am ready for a new Cards Over Coffee.

*takes a cold sip*

With being down still with my very uncomfortable stent, I took some time yesterday to take the remaining photos from my shoebox trade so I can have some post fodder.

Before I continue though with a new part, if you missed the first two parts, get caught up with Part 1 of the magical Shoebox trade and Part 2, which you can see HERE.

Today I will be showing off the key basketball cards I found in the trade. This isn't all of the basketball cards as there was a lot of base, but the cool ones of the group even with a surprise find.

Super Team Redemption Card of the Charlotte Hornets. Who didn't like the Hornets or own a Hornets Starter Jacket in the 90's?

Penny Hardaway Collectors Choice Stick 'Ums

Shaq's first pic as a Laker. I actually picture him with the Lakers more than any other team he played on.

Topps 40th insert of Penny Hardaway.

Upper Deck Teammates of Penny Hardaway. I get the feeling the person my father got this box from may have been a fan.

New PC item for my Allan Houston PC. It also features a Marcus Camby and Kerry Kittles rookie.

Penny Hardaway again, but more importantly, MJ which is a side PC for me.
Marcus Camby Collectors Choice Rookie Card

Allen Iverson Rookie Card

Then a mini trio featuring Allen Iverson rookie.

Then came the biggest surprise of them all....
Collectors Choice Kobe Bryant rookie!!!!

Rookie subset of Kobe

Then a mini trio featuring Kobe rookie.

I am still in shock that a Kobe rookie was just sitting in this shoebox. It may not hold a ton of value, but still. IT'S A KOBE BRYANT ROOKIE CARD.

*takes a final sip, will need to toss the rest, before finishing up today's post*

Basketball and baseball part of this trade are done. The next two parts will be football and of course, I will save the best cards for last. Not that Part 4 won't have its good stuff as well.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and hope you have a hot cup of coffee, unless you specifically ordered iced coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Anytime you can find a Kobe rookie card sitting in a box, it's a good find. The Iversons aren't to shabby either. Congratulations!

  2. I know none of my shoeboxes have a KOBE rookie in them. I don't even own a Kobe rookie. Cold coffee is good from time to time. Happy hump day! Hot coffee tomorrow?


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