Friday, February 16, 2024

Pain And Pleasure With Series 1

There was a lot packed into this week.

Sunday, was the Big Game.
Tuesday, I had surgery. 
Wednesday, was Valentine's Day. 
Yesterday, I had a checkup with my PCP.

And mixed in with all of that Topps released 2024 Series 1 baseball.

It's been a mixed bag kind of week.

But at least I had coffee to carry the week and guess what...some cards too!

When you have cards and you have coffee, you know that means....some Cards Over Coffee.

*takes a sip*

Yesterday on my way to PCP appointment, I checked out on my online health portal on my phone-don't worry my wife was driving- and found out that my urologist wants me to wait until March 22nd to get the stent out. For one, the OR is booked and for two, the longer I can wait, the better chance for the stone and no other issues afterwards with needing to add another stent in.


That is a long time to wait and have pain for. It's been a rough three days, but I was at least able to get some sleep last night.

Hopefully that continues.

*takes a sip*

At my PCP appointment, everything else looked good and I was able to get my hernia referral sent over to the surgeons so I can meet with them. I assume that won't be fixed until an even later date. But I have to take care of things in order and the one I am dealing with right now is at the top of the list. I still need to get some PT done on my injured shoulder so I can have my arm back again.

After I was done with that appointment, I went and spoke to my urologist whose office is downstairs from my PCP about my pain and the surgery and trying to move up the date. Good news is I guess I can be put on a surgical cancellation list, bad news is I am doing all I can do for the pain.

*breathes, takes a sip*

*gets up and puts a new warm beanbag on the back*

*sits back down to do more on this post that already has taken an hour*

After my appointments, my wife wanted to go to Walmart since we were actually close to it for once. All Walmarts here are 45 minutes to an hour away from my house so when you get close to one, you go.

I wasn't expecting to get any cards, but figured I would go look anyways. There was plenty to choose from with Prizm basketball and football (two of my favorites but way too pricy), Stadium Club baseball, Mosaic for all sports and so on. 

And on the top shelf was where it was loaded with 2024 Topps Series 1 baseball. I stared at wife saw this from a distance and said it was okay to grab something. Knowing how tight finances are, even though I wanted a blaster for the Easter/Spring parallels, I went for a Hanger Box instead.

But, at least it was something and something I needed this week.

*takes a sip*

Hanger Boxes come with 59 cards. Such an odd number but a good amount. Each box has no guarantees other than some new cards from 2024.

My main want from 2024 Topps Series 1 this year is Jasson Dominguez cards, key rookie cards of hitters and the Easter/Spring parallels. Already knowing I won't get any of the parallels I want from a hanger, I was hoping for the other finds in the box.

Let's see if I did,
I pulled the clear pack out of the box and it started off well finding a Trout at the top. I haven't quite figured out if I like the new design yet or not. Maybe it will grow on me.

I didn't take all 59 pictures as that is a lot and I am not quite up to that yet, so I took pictures of key cards from the break.

(best base rookie I found, no Dominguez or Elly)

(is Ohtani tall or Mookie short?)

These were my key base cards. Looks like there are 350 base overall in the Series 1 set.

Now onto the inserts and parallels which were located in the middle of the pack. I skipped over them when scrolling through and did all of the base first, then backtracked.

Lars is a Royal Blue parallel found in retail.

I will say that the rainbow foil looks super sharp on this card design. Not too bad of a pull here.

Yellow Parallels. I think these are only in hanger boxes.

It wouldn't be a Topps product without throwing it back to an old design for one of their inserts. I despise these.

My favorite insert find was the Stars Of The MLB. Clean design with a shiny background and plenty of them in a hanger box to go around.

And the final key card of the box was a blueprint of McCutchen. These are meh.

Overall, didn't quite land anything I needed per say, but it was fun to rip into something new. Actually, it was fun just to be able to rip something for once.

It was definitely a week of pain and pleasure.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I probably won't grab anymore of these to open this year and I will be putting my focus on acquiring the cards I want from the product via pwe trade. If any of you have extra rookies or the Easter/Spring parallels call me interested!

Thanks for swinging by today and checking out today's post. I hope all of you have a great weekend.

And make sure you have your coffee ready for the next post!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Thank you for showing some of the 2024 cards. They look nice and I'm sure better in hand. Praying for your continued health conditions. Hopefully you can get an earlier date. Hazelnut in my coffee as I type. Have a great weekend.

  2. Will totally trade you for the Nootbar, Chisholm, and Votto!

  3. I can sympathize with your medical issues. Last week I suddenly got this eye condition and the waiting for seeing a doctor and getting a specialist referral has been a big obstacle to getting treatment started.

    But that didn't stop me from busting a couple of hobby boxes of this "Neon Sign" set on Tuesday night/Wednesday afternoon. I was quite impressed with the base cards--they're better-looking than any of the hobby box inserts. One of my hobby boxes was fire and I posted the goods on the TCDb forums:

    At least your treatment seem to be going in the right direction, however slow in may be.

    1. I will check it out! And thanks for the kind wishes. I hop eyour eye condition is better now as well

  4. Sorry to hear that you're still in pain. Hope you feel better soon. As for the hangar box, you did really well. The colored parallels are nice. I kinda wish they would have just used team colored borders for the base card design. Guess I'm pretty out of touch with A's baseball, because I didn't even realize who Gelof was.

    1. I still don't know who Gelof is! haha. A's baseball will be interesting going forward once they move to Vegas


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