Thursday, April 4, 2024


Coffee is ready, the snow is coming down (some thunder and lightning to) but I have some cards so let's do a new post, so I don't have to look out the window.

*takes a sip*

I have to admit it's hard not looking out the window. We just had a couple nice 50-degree days, the snow was gone, my spring flowers were arriving and now we are about to buried in 10+ inches of snow. That's along with wind gusts and some freezing rain.

I can think of a lot of other things I would rather be buried in. Coffee beans, cupcakes, those cream filled caramels, and mail days from blog reader Oren.

Fortunately for me, one just arrived from Oren and this one provided enough warmth from the snow.
We kick it off with this Manny Ramirez. Minus the reflection of my hand, this is a pretty cool die-cut.

This card goes along with my very slow set build. I have completed the baseball and football sets, but the basketball is creeping along. Of course, thinking about trying to add the Jordan and Kobe are reasons this has taken so long to attempt to complete.

I will always welcome First Pitch cards. I am sure I have dupes, but I am fine with that. The McGraw I know for certain is new and at some point, I should see what I need to complete the sets.

I wished Topps would have continued this insert line instead of adding more 87 reprint inserts. I wished those were buried in snow.

Two more great looking die-cut cards. I remember chasing cards of both players in the 90's.

I wonder if this design led to the Fleer Metal release a few years later.

This is a Rock Solid add as it is a new one towards this set chase. I know I throw around the word set chase a lot on here, especially in this post, but I can't help my love of the 90's.

Speaking of the Fleer Metal it is. I am not sure how far along I am with my baseball set chase for metal,but I am getting closer to the football one both for 1997 and 1998.

Shiny Marshall Faulk. I would take being buried in anything shiny.

I know, I put a Giants card on here.  Deal with it. Looking and collecting Giants cards are my cup of tea....well coffee. This is a new Daniel Jones for the PC and is /49. How much longer will his tenure with the Giants be? Guess we will find out at the end of this month.

And the final card which was a surprise one to make it 12-cards in this trade is this stunning Upper Deck Ice Crystals. I have to admit, some of these hockey cards are really growing on me. This is one of them. You don't have to like or watch hockey to appreciate a card like this. Glad to see that Upper Deck is still putting out nice looking cards. If only they had other licenses.

Thanks again to Oren for our latest trade, hope to get buried by another one of your mail days soon. Instead of more snow.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

*takes another sip. closes curtain to outside*

Luckily for me today, I don't have to do any form of traveling so it will be a snowed in at home day instead. My wife also has the day off to.

I will have to see how the roads look tomorrow before I decide if I need to reschedule my first physical therapy session for my shoulder since I had the kidney stone.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and hopefully your weather is better than mine.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. We've been getting these snowstorm predictions for the past month and then it comes and there's not even an inch on the ground and I think "well somebody must have gotten it" -- I guess you're the somebody.

    1. Yes, no offense I wished you had gotten it lol

  2. Snow in April? Is that normal for your area? What's the latest in spring that it's snowed there? Weather in the Bay Area has been kind of weird too. On Monday it was sunny and 78 degrees. I had to run the AC. Right now it's 48 degrees and sprinkling.

    1. It is normal. Snow is never out of the question until May sadly

  3. Happy Thursday with some very nice cards! Here in Central MinneSNOWta we had no measurable snow all winter until we got about 12 inches about 2 weeks ago. Yes, the weather is crazy but that is actually normal. I thought for the first time in my life it was possible to get through a winter without using the snowblower. I guess not! Need a refill? Yes please!

    1. I feel like we keep getting more and more here after a mild winter until March

  4. That Robert Parish Super Star is one of my favorite 90's cards. I think I've got like 5 or 6 copies of it :)


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