Sunday, April 14, 2024

Drawing A Blank

I have written today's post multiple times over the last few days. I was trying to find the right approach or theme to the cards featured and just kept coming up empty.

Not my coffee mug, just the theme for the post.

First, I attempted to try a 90's music theme and tie in the years of the cards with some of my favorite songs, then it came to a dead end with it. Then I attempted to do a Back In Time post, got halfway done, then fell flat. Then attempted combining both ideas, nothing. Then tried to tie in #90sOn9th or even save the cards for those posts but didn't as the post went nowhere.

I am drawing a blank.

But I want to showcase this pretty awesome mail day from friend and blog reader Oren, so I guess we will get one of those basic this card and that card kind of post.

At least I have an idea of what I want while I am posting this. Coffee. Yup. No surprise there.

*takes a sip*

This first card was a set chase. It's a 1995 Flair Wave Of The Future that fell 1:37 packs. I have been wanting to piece together the 10-card set for many years now but only have three of them.

Side note, James Stewart looks like me while I am watching someone add too much sugar or creamer to their coffee.

The next few cards are Select Mirror Gold are shiny standouts and fell 1:5 packs. The lightbox really makes these blossom the way they should. I don't have a ton of these, but the ones I do, I really enjoy.

This next card features one of my favorite parallels of the 90's. These 1000/3000 yard club booster parallels fell 1:36 packs and with 41 subjects to find. I am also set chasing these, but I have a long ways to go with only 6 in hand.

Special Fx Die-Cuts were the combo of shiny and die cut I am always looking for (insert the Anthony Anderson rubbing hands meme-look it up if you haven't seen it). Then on top of that you toss in the hologram and it had me drooling. These were tough pulls at 1:75 packs.

The next card is a Jerome Bettis Profiles By Steve Young that fell 1:12 packs in Series 2. This card is another set chase. I might have about half of the set down.

Before Chrome was Chrome, we had Playoff Illusions that put out some great looking parallels with a chrome-like texture.

Next card is from DCIII, an all die-cut base set.

Now I may have another set to chase thanks to Oren. These stunning Hidden Gems refractors fell 1:24 packs. I know Topps brought back this insert into newer products, but nothing is better than the OG.

If I had stuck with a 90's type post, this card would have had to make a later on appearance since it's from 2000. But those who collected the early 2000's know they were just as nice as the 90's. Things didn't go downhill until 2009. Just my opinion.

Thanks again to Oren for our latest trade and I hope you like what I sent. Can't wait for our next one, I am ready when you are!

*takes a final sip before closing up today's post*

If all goes well the next time I do a post, I can be more creative. I don't want you guys having to drink caffeinated beverages just to keep you awake to read this because I was drawing a blank.

I hope you at least enjoyed the card gallery.

Have a Super Sunday. Be nice to others.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Before I close, I also wanted to remind you of the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame voting and that it needs you guys to nominate cards in. So far ONLY 4 cards have been nominated!!

Details on the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame can be found HERE. I may add this to every post from here on out for a reminder as I will forget about this too! Haha!


  1. Very nice looking cards, but where are the Giants? Great post and rebound from a blank. Coffee and be nice to others is a great combination. Have a Super, Sunny, Sunday!

    1. I know! Not one giant but still a lot of love for what I got!

  2. A. I can't drink my coffee without at least sugar... but I prefer cream & sugar.

    B. The 1995 Select Certified Mirror Golds are gorgeous. I remember opening packs of baseball, hockey, and football in hopes of pulling those parallels.

    C. And that 1998 Chrome Hidden Gems refractor is sweet! This post motivated me to run out and grab the Favre for my Packers PC.

  3. This happens to me a lot, and even more so this year than in the past. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to though -- and I figure if it bothers anyone else, they can just stop clicking on my posts. I'll live.

    1. Wished I had that approach. I probably would have on SCC. Not here. Every post takes forever even the short ones. I want to make this blog my best one


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