Saturday, April 6, 2024

Banana Bread Poptarts And Cards

Wake up! It's time for coffee, cards, and a banana bread Poptart.

These things are pure fire. If you like banana bread or banana flavored things, this is for you.

*takes a sip and a bite*

Today's cards I am showing off comes thanks to yet another trade with @levy2628. He certainly knows how to get my attention with the non sport stuff.

A couple cards from Rocky II. Rocky's rookies?

Believe me Doc, you will want to go back to the past looking at this future.

Me when my wife has something she wants me to do.

I don't know what this is, but it's vintage and cool.

I honestly don't have any idea who she is, but I like Ginter non sport relics so it's been added.

I don't know Country Music all that well, but from the few names I know, it does not include Bob Carpenter. I just keep adding these Country Music autographs to my collection. Wonder how many of these I own now? I definitely did not have this one.

Then came some The Walking Dead relics. I still to this day have not seen this show. I am sure if I was as deep into horror as I used to be, I would have watched it all by now.

I do collect the cards still, especially the relics. How cool is a wine bottle swatch or a swatch from a "walker"? Cryptozoic was great with their non-sport products.

Thanks again to @levy2628 for our latest trade. I know we are already working on the next and I can't wait to show off the goods from that one.

*takes a sip, another bite, okay, I finished the first half, and gets ready to finish up today's post*

I finally finished taking care of these cards just the other day and realized that I really need to sort my non-sport cards better.  It's literally a box I have thrown stuff into. It needs to be sorted by what it is so I am not trading for stuff I already have.

I will save that project for another day.

*takes a final sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Before I close, I also wanted to remind you of the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame voting and that it needs you guys to nominate cards in. So far ONLY 4 cards have been nominated!!

Details on the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame can be found HERE. I may add this to every post from here on out for a reminder as I will forget about this too! Haha!


  1. A. Banana bread is a top 10 treat for me... especially when it's homemade with chocolate chips. If I stumble across those Pop-Tarts I'd give them a shot.

    B. Watched The Dukes of Hazzard every week when I was a kid, but had no idea Topps produced a card set. Very cool.

    C. The Walking Dead is a solid watch. The first five or six seasons... I watched it religiously and rewatched the prior seasons whenever a new season came out. The last five or six seasons I binge watched on Netflix. At some point, I could see myself watching the series again. I don't think I own any of the relics, but I feel like I picked up the Season 1 set at a flea market or card show.

    1. See I rather have plain banana bread. Chocolate chips.and blueberries mix are nice occasionally

  2. Absolutely love Banana Bread!

    Annie Duke is one if the All-Time Poker Player...GREAT card!

  3. Banana Bread Pop Tarts? I didn't know these existed. I might try them. I remember playing the Rocky theme song in High School Pep Band! Nice cards from the trade. Yes, I need a refill!

  4. I watched the pilot episode of The Walking Dead way back when it first aired, and that was enough for me. I don't think that I've ever heard of wine bottle relic before. That's pretty neat though!


Cards and coffee go together like PB&J, so don't you and leaving a comment below. Take a sip and let me know your thoughts!