Monday, June 8, 2020

Trying The Off Brand

*iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttts cofffffeeeeee and blog time!!!*

Sometimes it's not always the brand name items that brings out the best product. Sometimes it's the off brand that not only packs a punch, but gives you your best value back for your money.

It's that way sometimes for food, household cleaning items and even for your coffee.

There are the headliner brands such as Maxwell House, Folgers, Eight O'Clock, Seattle's Best and Chase and Sanborn just to name a few. All of these are fine brews.

But, they also cost about $12+on the bigger cans that hold 22 oz. I need to buy the bigger cans so I am not running to the store all of the time especially in today's world having to wear a mask, follow footsteps on the floor and trying to stay at least 6 ft from everyone.

Followed by a hand sanitizer bleach down in the card.

*takes a sip*

However, this off brand Best Yet coffee still tastes pretty darn good, has 22.6 Oz and is under $10.

It still tastes just as good, has more in it and is cheaper. So a lot of the times I will go that route. Who doesn't love something just as equally good that can save you money?

*takes the next sip*

I feel the world of baseball cards can relate to that scenario.

There is Topps who headlines the baseball card world with it's never ending MLB license, the Maxwell House and Folgers of the collecting world, and then there is that Best Yet brand in Panini who doesn't have the MLB license, but still has MLBPA and USA licenses.

Is Topps more appealing to the crowds because of it's MLB logos? Yes. But, does it pack the punch for the value like Panini does? No.

I think Panini doesn't get enough respect for their baseball card lines. I hear you guys grumbling, I know there is no logos on the helmet or team names even for the player, but if you can push past that, take a look deeper into Panini baseball products, there is so much more you're missing out on.

Not only are most of their products cheaper, but they also come with more hits and have more value per your purchase. This goes for both hobby and retail.

One of their best products with the biggest value/punch is Donruss. Everyone grew up collecting some form of Donruss in their lifetime. I know it was a regular, and still is, in my household.

Let's compare 2020 Topps Series 1 to 2020 Donruss hobby box style.

2020 Topps Series 1 is $130 per hobby box and you get the following,
  • One Autograph or Relic Card Per Box (98% of the time that is going to be a single color relic)
  • One Silver Pack Per Box

2020 Donruss Hobby Box that goes for $118
  • Three Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Box (all three will not be autographs, but they also all won't be single color relics either)
  • Seven Parallels Per Box
  • Four Independence Day Parallels Per Box
  • Five Inserts Per Box
They both have the same key rookies to go for as well and the equally good headlining signers for their autographs as well such as ken Griffey Jr, Acuna, Judge and Otahni just to name a few.

I don't know about you, but that cup of Best Yet is looking pretty good in comparison.

*takes another sip, okay, you caught me gulp and now onto cup number 2*

If you still are not convinced by now, well, I brought some examples of their inserts in here thanks to my buddy Grady who recently sent me some. They are not the bland reprints of designs past or those annoying Topps Now fillers, they are bold, bright and creative.

As's supposed to make reference to As Seen On TV. A baseball player on TV, what else can you ask for? The only thing these cards are missing is Billy Mays in the corner.

Dominators a long standing line in the Donruss re-created by Panini. Spectacular!

Same goes for Elite Series (the Arenado is a parallel)

And Donruss HIghlights that's been around forever.

Not convinced yet? Let's see one more shall we?

Now Playing (I know a lot of us wished this was true). Creative play on words and once again a great looking card.

Don't tell me that these didn't spark some interest for you and that you sat there looking at the team logos the whole time either. I bet you didn't even notice they were missing and are probably going back to look now.

*halfway done cup number two*

I should probably clarify that not all off brands are equal to the name brand. One of those that comes to mind is immediately Kraft Mac and Cheese. There isn't a single off brand that comes close to it and most are pretty nasty. Take my word on this at least.

Once again though, that is my opinion. Everyone has different tastes.

But, the examples I gave above of coffee and cards (this seems to be a thing on here), are more equal or better than the name brand. Don't take my word for it, you will have to give it a try yourself to experience the full flavor.


  1. I'm not convinced on Donruss... or Panini in general. I don't turn away their cards... but I don't actively pursue them either. The same rule applies to Best Yet coffee. I'd probably never buy a can, but if someone offered me a cup, I'd drink it.

  2. "Some of those shiny cards would look so much better if the players didn't look like they were delivering packages" is what I think. Sorry, can't push past it.

    1. Look deeper! lol.As I said, it's not everyone's favorite but I see a ton of potential in it. Everyone has their own tastes.

  3. I definitely enjoy some of the inserts that Donruss brings to the table, but they really have to have photo selection that minimizes the lack of logos for me.

    1. It's gotta be hard to find those kind of photos. Most I think they do good with but some stand out like an eye sore. I try to focus more on the card and avoid paying attention to the logos

  4. When I was a kid my mom used to always tell me that the off-brand cereals were just as good as the name brands, but I would have none of it (probably because they didn't come with premiums), but to her credit she never forced the issue, likely because she knew that I would be a terror if she did -- many years later I decided to try one of those off-brand cereals, and you know something? She was right! I ended up staying with those off-brand cereals for a few years afterwards, and only stopped buying them when I stopped eating cereal for breakfast.

  5. I love Panini products. Where they lack logo access they make up for in creativity. I spy an Altuve there. That particular theme/design I find uninspiring but overall, Panini gets my $$ more often than Topps. Btw, I've tried no-brand coffee. IT does NOT get my $$$.

  6. I don't really collect modern cards, so I'll reserve judgment on Panini and Donruss products. As for off-brands, though, you've reminded me of the "No Frills" brand of supermarket products. There were always a few boxes or cans of No Frills stuff at my grandparents' house when I was a kid. Good memories.


Cards and coffee go together like PB&J, so don't you and leaving a comment below. Take a sip and let me know your thoughts!