Monday, November 8, 2021

Wild Card Is Back!

*takes a sip, takes a bite of a delicious carrot muffin. I know it sounds odd, but it's like eating unfrosted carrot cake in muffin form and it's amazing. First time I have ever tried these.*

I have said before and I will say it again, the 90's for me were the best era of collecting. I am not talking 90-93, I am talking 94, especially 95-99 in those terms. Those cards, especially inserts, are still some of the most sought out cards today.

So when companies bring back old product names like Panini has with Donruss brands and Upper Deck has with Fleer/Skybox, I give them a try hoping to relive what once was.

Most of the time, those all fall flat since you can't remake what once was. So when I saw that Wild Card football had returned I was curious. Would there be a million stripe parallels? Great photography? Fun inserts?

I had to get my answers, so when I went to Walmart last Tuesday, I caught a blaster box of it on the shelf and picked it up for $23.

Before I opened it up, I knew already that it wasn't licensed by the teams or collegiate league and would be similar to Sage Or Leaf.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

In each blaster box of 2021 Wild Card Matte, there are 4 packs of 10 cards. You can also find 2 blaster box exclusives per box.

The side of the box gives you a sneak peek of what kind of subsets, or as I would call them, inserts you will find.

Once again the definition of a subset is a set within the base set. Inserts are separate looking cards from the base set with different numbering such as X12 as opposed to the base set number of 125.
One of the first cards I found was one of the first I wanted in Kadarius Toney. I will say I found the base cards a little lacking. Not much action photography and it's a plain white background.

The back of the card was statistic free and only had one sentence about the player. The base cards all have a MBC-numbering.

Here are some of the other key players I found,

Now onto what I found for my inserts.
Weekend Warrior

X-Plode Gold

X-Plode....I don't Though those are numbered.

Rookie Heat (which is by far the best looking insert of the group)

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

The product wasn't overly exciting, but, I will say comparing it to Leaf and Sage, it wins. The added foil inserts takes the victory over the other two unlicensed products.

Upon doing research on this product, I see they do offer the Stripe parallels for the base card set but you have to buy the Mega Box version to find them.

PARALLEL CARDS: 5-Stripe /50, 10-Stripe /30, 20-Stripe /18, 50-Stripe /10, 100-Stripe /7, 1,000-Stripe /5.

CHASE PARALLELS: 5-Stripe /10, 10-Stripe /5, 20-Stripe /4, 50-Stripe /3, 100-Stripe /2, 1,000-Stripe 1/1.

Also during my research I did see they offer the big named autographs in this product as well such as Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, etc. Which are hobby box offerings.

In comments, let me know your thoughts on these "bring back" products that companies are offering. What has been your favorite one so far? Also, your thoughts on Wild Card is also welcomed.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. On their own they look like nice cards, but I don't associate the "Wild Card" brand with them. The plain white base remind me of some of the early "Rookies & Stars". The "X" inserts remind me of SPx of all kinds and that last card reminds me of "Fire".

    In general I like that some of these old brands are coming back, but most of them should be left alone. The execution of most of these comebacks are unimpressive.

    1. That's a perfect example, Rookies and Stars. That's exactly what they are like.

  2. I'll be posting a couple of boxes of these soon, too. They don't really bring "Wild Card" to mind, but the cards look and feel nice.

    1. We need to pull off our trade still lol. I need to find where I put those Zachs!

  3. I'm always against bringing things like this back. There is nothing about these that calls back to the original WC in any way, and just comes off looking like cheap cash grab.

    1. Basically is. Is it an upgrade over Leaf or Sage...I don' t know.

  4. Interesting, but I kind of agree with Jon. One of my favorite cards in my collection is a Scottie Pippen 1000 stripe!

    1. I have a Hampton 1000. Those are tough finds!


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