Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Big Three

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The 90's were a great time in the hobby for me. I started collecting towards the end of 1993 and built off from that in 1994. From there, I was all-in in 1995.

So when anyone asks me what I collect, I always list the following as my Big Three (and no I am not talking about any team that LeBron James played on) that are in no particular order.
  • NY Giants. I take ANY AND ALL I don't have but have a bigger emphasis on Charles Way, Rodney Hampton, Eli Manning, Rueben Randle, Andre Williams, Darius Slayton and Kadarius Toney when it comes to players.
  • Non Sport Cards. Allen Ginter Non Sports, Autograph and Relic cards from TV, Movies, celebrities
  • 90's cards and inserts from 1995-1999. The shinier, the holographic, the unique, the acetate, the numbered, the better!!
The top two on this list are pretty standard, but I always note when I collect 90's inserts and cards, I prefer that they are on or after 1995. That's my sweet spot. My nostalgic sweet spot. For the most part, my trading partners nail it. I know my buddy and reader of this blog Oren has.

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If you haven't guessed yet, the following cards from today's post is my latest trade with Oren who went 90's insert heavy this time.

Including quite a few 1995 Topps Stadium Club Clearcut Inserts


A couple more

look more....

And one more. The acetate makes these cards really cool and it may drive me to another future set chase.

Ultra in the 90's always brought the coolness for inserts and this was one of their common lines with Double Trouble.

And 1996 Score Dream Team Manny. This is a beaut of a card!!! I already have a couple more of these on the way.

the final card today isn't from the 90's,
but it tackles a side player PC from the 90's in a Curtis Martin relic.

Thanks again Oren for the trade! I look forward to our next.

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Even though I have a Big Three when it comes to my collecting, I also have many other side collections off from that. There is Ken Griffey Jr, a ton of NFL players mainly ones from the 90's, Christmas related cards such as Topps Holiday Sp's and Pro Set Santas and others that are too many to list. I guess you can simply say I love to collect....or as my wife calls it, hoard.

Let me know below your thoughts on 90's inserts or what you consider to be your Big Three of what you collect.

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  1. You would have been blown away by this guy's collection of A&G celebrity cards. He had a Snoop Dogg and Kate Upton autographs... and this really cool Obama relic card. There were a couple of people gathered around my table and they were talking about how there are a small group of collectors who are fanatics for these A&G celebrity relics and autos.

    1. I would have been standing there staring and wishing I owned them!

  2. I've mentioned it on the blog a couple of times, and probably in a few comments sections too, but my interest in 90's inserts and parallels has waned pretty hard in the last year or two. I'm not sure if my interest in them will return or not, but I've got plenty of other things to seek out, so if it doesn't, all will still be well.

    1. You still collect some really cool stuff. I wished I could wane away from the 90's inserts, but I can't. Still in love with them and they bring me to my happy spot in the hobby.


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