Monday, June 20, 2022

Elephant In The Room

*sits down, takes a sip and gets ready for a new Cards Over Coffee post today*

I think it's time to once again tackle the elephant in the room, and no it wasn't my .7 weight gain this morning on the scale, it's the fact I can't keep focus on one project in the hobby.

One day I will be trying to get my 90's sets filled and the next day I am trading for a gorilla card from Allen Ginter. I am all over the place and can't finish up one project.

It's not really a terrible problem as it gives me plenty of options when I collect, but it can sometimes be a little frustrating when I go back and think that I could have finished another project instead.

Like recently, I was on a roll of collecting Kerry Collins cards again and then I spotted a few cards that @cardboardfan775 posted, and all of a sudden I am back off the trail again. 

But when I see my main core of Knicks players I collect, Quickley, Toppin and Barret, I couldn't pass it up.
Especially when shiny cards are involved.

And some sharp parallels from Select basketball. This final parallel is what I call the Knicks parallel.

*takes a sip, stares at the shiny*

Even this mail day didn't have a complete focus either.
I saw this Trey Lance, who is one of the final key pieces I need towards my Donruss 2021 football set and had to add that to our trade as well.

It's like I am the dog from UP.


Thanks again to @cardboardfan775 for yet another fast, easy trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am not sure where I will go from here with collecting. Do I get back up on the bike for Kerry Collins or do I get off the bike like Joe Biden and go some other direction.

I guess as long as I am having fun along the way, that's all that really matters....right?

In comments today, let me know if you have a hobby focus problem and if you need to tackle the Elephant In The Room.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I definitely struggle with focus. Not just collecting, but in everyday life. That's why I try to schedule things as much as possible. In regard to collecting... I've accepted and embraced it. I'm happy that I have so many different collections, because I'll never run out of things to collect.

    1. I didn't even touch the life stuff, I feel you there as well

  2. totally unfocused. I must have about 100-200 projects going, finish very few, always adding more. most projects I know I will never finish. I'm not obsessed in the sense that I don't NEED cards. I just put cards on my want list, and hope to make some trades, and occasionally make an ebay purchase. As Fuji wrote "I've accepted and embraced it." I keep myself on a budget. About $20 / week. I feel like a bigger investment is not a hobby, it becomes an addiction. Bob ["abide" on TCDb / sports card forum / freedom cardboard]

    1. Totally agree on that last part. It can be as addictive as scratch tickets and consume your life. I do this for fun and literally a hobby. I do more trading than anything else for me and that's a way I can add cards and make friendships along the way

  3. I don't really have much focus lately either. I'm doing better at trying to organize and finish sets, but even the other day when I checked out a new card shop hoping for some mid-2000's fleer ultra hockey [as they are sets I'm working on], when the guy working there also took out regular Fleer baseball packs, I took them too. Wasn't trying to actively collect them, but if anyone has some 2006 Fleer baseball for trade...


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