Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Eating A Bowl Of Apple Jakes

*takes a sip. sits down to a bowl of cereal...yup you read it right. not a bagel. takes a bite of raisin bran, gets the ole bowels working, takes a sip and gets ready for a card about cereal*

I have seen a lot of cards in my lifetime. Many I wished I owned and some I do. Then there are others I haven't ever seen or discovered yet which is why I read card blogs and follow certain social media accounts knowing one of the days they will post something that would interest me.

When my buddy @90sNicheFBCard tweeted out a Brett Favre card that resembled a Frosted Flakes cereal box, I had to inquire what it was since I hadn't ever seen one.

Come to find out, it was a 2000 Pacific Prism Fortified With Stars and that it was a 10-card insert set that fell 1 in 97 packs.


*takes a sip before moving on with the post*

The insert line featured a variety of cereals olays off from a player's name. There is Peerless Price Krispies, Tyrone Wheatleys, and Frosted PlaxicO's to name a few. All matched their specific cereal boxes.

*speaking of cereal, need to finish my bowl before I do more on this post. I LOATHE soggy cereal. It's like eating a banana with a brown spot on it. ripe banana and crunchy cereal only!*

*takes the final bite. moves on with post*

I wanted them all, but didn't have the funds, so I chose the cheapest one I could find at less than $4.
Apple Jakes! Featuring Jake "The Snake" Plummer.

Players facts and Try Them All!

Great looking insert and fun play on words. Right up my alley! Just ask my wife how many jokes I make about using play on words in songs, magazine articles, etc.

Thanks for the heads up on these Bryan. Now I must have the set!!!! The rest of you can go and hunt down Prizm while I chase these. Or even some guy named Tom Brady that came out of the base set, leave these inserts for me.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

They sure don't make cards like they used to. Whether those were mid to late 90's inserts or the ones from the early 2000s like today. Creativity has gone down the drain and cards are just being pumped out to sell regardless of how they look because they know most will buy and not care as long as they can make money.

That's not me.

If any of you have these available for trade, hit me up at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com. Always up for a good pwe trade and I have plenty of stamps right now.

*thinks the raisin bran is working so needs to end the post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Looks like it's more soggy cereal for me to enjoy 😋 I do agree though, those inserts are hilarious and I'll need to hunt them down as part of a well balanced card collection. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ewww on the soggy cereal. Well, if you find any you know who to trade the extras to if you are collecting them as well!

  2. Cool mini-set or insert set whatever.

  3. Yup, those are cool, never saw them before.

    1. If only baseball did one with Dodgers? Am I right?

  4. Very cool card. Never seen or heard of this set before. Just added the Favre to my most wanted list.


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