Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Cards That Only I Care About

*does morning blog reading in open windows, yes, I read other sport card blogs and will occasionally comment when there is time. remembers an article on Night Owl Cards that is an idea for today's post. clicks link, reads article again, takes a sip and gets stack of cards ready for the latest #CardsOverCoffee post*

The legendary Night Owl Cards put up a post on June 13th that I thought would make for a great Blog-Bat-Around. He posted some cards that only mattered to him and that's the way it should be as a card blogger. Sometimes I feel like I play reading the field and want people to read my posts and not ignore them because I posted something that may not interest them.

Well, today. I took on my inner Night Owl cards and I am posting cards that only I care about or seem to. So, if you don't want to see or read about them, there will be other posts for you another day.

*takes a sip*

The good thing about what I collect is that a lot of people are not chasing it. Even though there are a lot of NY Giants collectors out there, many are only after the star players and rare cards. Not myself, I take the low road because it's fun and sometimes nostalgic.

I am also the only one that card blogs about the Giants that I have found.

For example, my latest Kerry Collins additions. There are other collectors out there, some on TCDB, that have Collins cards in their collections because of Penn State, but I haven't yet met another actual Collins collector such as myself.

I am okay with being the only one liking cards like these,

(Flair Legacy)

And then there is Charles Way. The average collector/person may ask "who is this guy?" and I will just respond, he was a fullback for the NY Giants in the 90's.

With today's NFL and lack of Fullbacks, they may also ask what a fullback is.

Of course, I will sometimes mention that he was primarily used as a fullback to block for my Super Collection player Rodney Hampton.

I don't keep track of Kerry Collins collection on TCDB, but I do keep track of my Charles Way where I am way out front as the top collector. 

*takes a sip and gets ready to finish up today's post*

It's okay that you may not care about the cards I posted today, I am sure some of you collect stuff that I don't care about either. Which is okay to. That is the fun thing about collecting, we collect what makes us happy and not others. Though some cards may make others jealous whether it fits their collection or not.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday.

Thoughts on my cards and if you will continue this blog bat around welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I think the last time I really got excited about pulling Kerry's cards was back in the mid 90's, but like you said... I doubt you get excited over pulling Kurt Suzuki cards.

    1. Not really lol. I should trade my Suzuki for your Collins lol

  2. I like the posts about random 90s stuff more than modern rips anyway ;)


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