Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Enjoying The Ride

*takes a sip, gets ready for a new Cards Over Coffee post. I hope you are excited because I am. takes another sip, stretches fingers out, and begins to work some magic...well hopefully*

For the first time in the history of this blog, this may be the first week where I have a post every day. Of course, my memory is bad so I may have done this already on here and can't remember without back tracking two years of posts.

I am not going to do that, so let's just take my word.

So far, this blog has been a fun ride and I am glad we are cruising together on this ride.

There have been some bumpy parts in the road where it almost crashed, but I managed to swerve back onto the road again and here we are.

*takes a sip*

Along this ride I have met some new people including a reader named Oren who has been one of my most consistent traders the past year or so. When we are ready to pull off our next trade, I look forward to getting his email to see what he has found for me. The list is always a great mix of stuff and a year later I think he has me pretty much narrowed down to what I am looking for.

Our latest trade proves just that.
I consider announcer cards non-sport cards. So this one of MLB Network host Christopher Russo just that.

I never watched My Three Sons, it was way before my time, but I do enjoy a new mini card for my non sport collection. I also say that Golden Age was a very underrated product.

I have no idea what this card is depicting, but I do know it looks super cool in-person. Lots of shine and it goes right into my non sport collection.

Gladwell is a writer for the New Yorker, I am a writer for Cards Over Coffee. Same I think.

Once again, not anything I recognize on this card, but it's a cool hologram and it had me. I tried my best to capture this, maybe I should have used my lightbox, but it looks better in-person anyways.

Up next, Oren was fortuante enough to go to 90s con, what a dream that would have been, and picked up a few things for me while he was there.

These X-Men puffy stickers bring me back. It reminds me of the stickers that the teachers from my graded school used to reward students with.

The stickers are from 1991, which makes them about five years old or something like that. They are individually packed but they may have been cut and packed by the seller. Hard to tell.

These were super rad both from my 90's nostalgia standpoint and in general.

Thanks again Oren for the trade!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope all of you have been enjoying this coffee card filled ride this blog has been on. There's lots more to come including bringing back some other segments as well.

Comments on my mail day welcomed below!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. The puffy stickers are cool. My favorite stickers as a kid were the scratch and sniff.


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