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Coffee Break:2021-22 Bowman University Football (Double Case Hits??)

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For the first time since 2016...TOPPS FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!

It's been a long time coming for this blogger who misses the good ole days.

The only difference this time with Topps football, is that there are no logos and no veteran players. You are looking strictly at prospects (players who haven't been drafted yet) and rookies for this upcoming NFL season.

Either way, I was quite intrigued by this product and I am excited to open a box up after passing on some retail.

Let's check it out together,

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Every hobby box of 2021-22 Bowman University football comes with 24 packs of 4 cards. It's set up sort of like Topps Chrome used to be for football. Each box comes with 2 autographs and prices currently run $150.

The base set has 100 cards using the same design as 2022 Bowman baseball.

Card Backs

It appears that each player has a 1st Bowman card and a prospect card in that 100-card set. My guess is 50/50 split.

Just like with Bowman, there is a Chromed base set as well. The only difference between this and Bowman is that every chrome card is a base refractor. There are also 100 cards in this set as well and fall 1:6 packs.

There is also one other thing different between this product and Bowman baseball and that there is not any paper base parallels.

However, there are still Chromed ones,
Pink, Shimmer, Purple, Aqua /299, Blue /199, Fuchsia Mini-Diamond /150, Lava /100, Green /99, Green Shimmer /99, Yellow /75, Gold /50, Gold Shimmer /50, Orange /25, Orange Shimmer /25, Red /5, Red Shimmer /5, Black Shimmer 1/1, and SuperFractor 1/1.

Nice one right here with Matt Corral!! Panthers have been needing a QB and they found him in the 3rd round of this years draft.

Most inserts have the following parallels,
Aqua /150, Orange /25, and FoilFractor 1/1.

Golden Boy has 15 cards to collect and this falls 1:8 packs.

Bowman Invicta comes to Bowman University as well. These fall 1:12 hobby only packs and have 20 cards to collect.

2000 Bowman Set. No Tom Brady, but could see some of NFL's brightest play with the 2000 Bowman design. There are 30 cards that fall 1:6 packs.

Big Kahuna is a case hit falling 1:288 packs! John was a pick by the Texans who have been needing some WR depth.

Jerome Ford Bowman 1st autograph. He was drafted by the Browns in the 5th round.

And...a second case hit??? Falling 1:388 is this Big Kahuna autograph of Marvin Mims that is numbered to 150. He could be a big time WR in the future for whomever drafts him.

This was a good time to be honest. Looking at all of the other unlicensed football products out there, Sage, Leaf, this one is by far superior over those ones.

Big Kahuna card looks really cool as most case hits do and I really like the thought of the 1st Bowman inclusion in football. However, just wished the checklist was a bit deeper or maybe get some veterans involved. I don't think there should be a prospect and 1st Bowman card unless its for a following years release. Since this is the first one, all of the base set should have been 1st Bowmans.

This break actually left me wanting to break more and I might if I spy some retail again.

Thoughts on the return of Topps football is welcomed in comments below.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

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