Friday, June 24, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Topps Tribute Baseball

*sits down, starts to download some older posts from The Product Breakdown as I have decided to do my box breaks back on here again and bring back my NY Giants blog. More on that another time. Uploads the content, 13 posts in all that will republish on here and takes a sip and gets the post coffee blog ready*

Today, I am diving into a box of 2022 Topps Tribute baseball. High end products and I don't usually equal success. Every time I have ripped a high end box the results have low end feels. Will today's product do that as well? Only one way to see.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Every box of 2022 Topps Tribute baseball comes with 6 packs of 3 cards per pack. Boxes should have 3 on-card autographs along with 3 game used jersey cards per. Currently boxes are steep at about $450.

The base set is beautiful. Well designed, the cards are really thick and the touch of rainbow foil along the border of the player really adds a nice look to the already clean card.

The card backs are stat-less but come with some tidbits on the player featured.

There are 90 cards in the base set featuring veterans,
and Legends of the game.

Here are rest of the base that I pulled in my break,

There are also 10 base rookie cards to find as well. They are card numbers 91-100.
These cards are shortprinted as they fall 1:18 packs. Would make it challenging to put together a base set.

Green /99, Purple /50, Orange /25, Red /10, and Black 1/1.
Not a lot of parallels to find in a box as I found only one. This is a Xander Bogaerts purple as you can define by the border around the player.

Without any inserts to chase, here is what I pulled in this break,

Stamp Of Approval relics of Mullins and Rendon.

Triple Relic of Pedroia

Dual Relic of two Yanks, Pettite and Sabathia

Pitcher auto. ugh. I know Dodger fans would be happy with this one.

Winker autograph. Looks like a green parallel /99

And final hit, I assume an orange autograph /25 of another pitcher in Shane Bieber.

Well, I think the product is stunning in design. I even like the design of the hits as well.

The tough part is seeing what a box goes for and what I got in return. That is hard to swallow.

There are though tons of AMAAAAAZING hits I left for you guys to find, however. If you can't afford a box, I suggest picking up singles or jumping in on a box break. I can't promise you value back every time, but what I can promise you is that the cards would look great in your collection.

Thoughts on today's product welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Yes, send all your Dodger pitcher autos to meeeeeeeeee!!!! (night owl)

  2. That Buehler is a really nice pull. The guy is a stud. I'm planning on hitting at least one Dodger game this summer. If Kershaw isn't pitching, I sure hope it's this guy.

    1. Yes he is, I am just not a pitcher guy lol

  3. Pulling dodger autos and a pedroia relic would have made me weep, but the dual Yankees one was pretty sweet!

  4. Angel hot box!?! lol Trout Rendon. You know I'll take all pitcher autos you pull :)

  5. Too rich for my blood, but thanks for showing off the cards!


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