Saturday, January 8, 2022

As Long As We Got Each Other

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If you grew up in the late 80's and early 90s, it would surprise me if you hadn't heard of or watched Growing Pains. The show ran from September of 1985 to April of 1992 and featured a pretty solid cast led by the late Allan Thicke and Kirk Cameron.

The show was about the Seaver family who lived in Long Island, NY. Psychiatrist Jason Seaver (Thicke) works from home both as a Dr and as a father who watched over his three kids while his wife Maggie, a reporter, worked. The three kids each had different personalities and brought different challenges to the table. There was ladies' man Mike (Cameron), the good student Carol and rambunctious younger brother Ben. The basis of the show was about raising the kids and the challenges or Growing Pains of doing so. They tackled a lot of issues on the show such as drugs, suicide, peer pressure, and alcohol to name a few. But, in the end, if they were together, they could face any of those problems that arose together. 

I remember watching it religiously on ABC every time it came on and having that theme song stuck in my head until the following week. A lot of the problems the Seaver kids faced on the show weren't anything I could relate to at the age I watched it, but there were some I did face later on with friends. which made me think back to the show.

I can't imagine the topics the show would have to cover today if it was still going on.....

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In the past year, I have added a few autographs from the show since I watched it and since that is how I grow my non sport PC. I added an Allan Thicke and Jeremy Miller last year and now have added a third one with today's addition of a dual autograph thanks to my buddy Valley Of Cards.
A dual autograph of of brother and sister Seaver, Ben and Carol.

Back of the card. I really wished Leaf would add a blip about the actors on their trading cards.

Thanks again to Valley Of Cards for the assist on this card in our trade.

I would be curious if you guys watched the show in comments and your thoughts on it. I am glad they never remade it as remakes are awful. Though I will say I haven't watched any of the new Wonder Years to see if that is or not.

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I think we could learn a lot from Growing Pains to use in today's culture and challenges that kids face or even us as adults face. What we need to realize despite everything going on in the world, is to take the one line from the theme song and apply that to our lives. Because As Long As We Got Each Other, we can tackle any problem in the world. We need each other's back in these trying times.

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  1. Great show. I consider it underrated, because it doesn't really pop into my head when I think of all-time great shows... but it really was one of my favorites from that era. I loved how they weren't afraid to touch sensitive subjects... and the theme song is one of my all-time favorites. Congratulations on landing that dual auto. Very cool card for any Growing Pains fan.

    1. I agree with that. I don't ever think about it either unless something like this card pops up

  2. Yeah, I was a fan of the show, especially of Tracey Gold, so that's a very cool card. The theme song from the show was terrific, especially when sung by BJ Thomas and Dusty Springfield.

    Fun fact: since the family was the Seavers, their next door neighbors were the Koosmans, as a shout-out to the great Mets pitchers!

  3. Growing Pains is one of the few shows that I watched when it was originally on, but didn't watch again in syndication during the 90's. I probably haven't seen an episode since it was originally on, and aside from knowing who was on the show, don't really remember anything about it.

    1. Maybe it's time to give it a rewatch, I know I have considered it. I don't remember a lot about it, I find myself enjoying those kind of forgotten shows more now rewatching them a second time. Hence, my love of Seinfeld now


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