Monday, January 24, 2022

The Griffey 5

*the sun is shining so bright that I actually had to shut the curtain to see my laptop for today's post. the sun is warm but not warm enough to distract the -5 temps. coffee is in hand and breakfast is cooking, I am completely ready for a new Cards Over Coffee post*

Last year was my biggest trading year with my friend Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame. None of the trades we pulled off in 2021 were small. These all took flat rate boxes to pull off and many months to build.

In our trades, there is always a variety offered from low to high end cards to multiple sports to even some non-card items as you will see as I post them on here. I have known Shane online since 2012 so we know each other pretty well. The only bad part about the guy is he likes Boston sport teams and doesn't like coffee. So, my cup this morning is for him.

*takes a sip, holds mug up to the computer screen hoping those of you reading and drinking will respond with a mug cheers*

A big portion of our trades can be built up of Ken Griffey Jr cards. Shane has been my biggest help in adding to my Griffey collection. In our latest trade, there was a big stack of Griffeys and I narrowed it down to my Top 5 additions.

Let's check them out,

5.1998 Score Complete Players. I like the shine and these fall 1:23 packs.

4. 2000 Spx Power Brokers. I couldn't find the odds on this one, I assume they are easy to find.

3. Only falling 1:9 odds, these UD Ionix Hyper inserts look amazing! I always liked the product as a whole.

2. Yes, this is number two but it's more like 1A. UD HoloGrFX Future Fames fell 1:32 packs, full of shine and a unique die cut that makes it hard to put into sleeves easily.

1. I love the number 2 card on this list, but for some reason the way the sun hits this 2000 Fleer Focus Focus Pocus I just can't keep my eyes off from it. These inserts fell 1:14 packs. The early 2000 inserts were just as cool as the late 90's ones.

Thanks again to Shane for these latest Griffey adds.

*takes a sip, a bite of breakfast before closing up today's post*

Ken Griffey Jr isn't one of my top player chases anymore, but I will take any I don't have still. It keeps the spark burning and brings me back to my childhood when I was Ken Griffey Jr everything.

Thoughts on my list, rankings, your favorite card or how you would have put them in order.

Have a great Monday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. As far as shiny cards go, the Focus Pocus inserts aren't too bad in person. I have a few from the basketball side, but don't think that I've ever encountered any of the baseball.

  2. I've never PC'd Griffey... but like you, I will always take any or buy them (when they're cheap) if I don't already own them.


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