Sunday, January 16, 2022

Opening One Of Those Walgreen Things

*sits down with a cup of coffee, reaches over the table to grab a package of cards that had been set there the day before. it's one of those Walgreen things as I call it.*

In 2020 with the height of everyone buying everything up, anytime I found anything interesting to rip, I bought if I had the funds. This includes those Fairfield repacks you find at Walgreens, which even sold out most of the time.
But I was fortunate with my timing and was able to pick up four repacks, two baseball and two football and have been sitting on them for a rainy day.

Guess's a cold snowy let's rip one of the football ones.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

In every one of these packs/boxes, there are 75 cards and one manufactured pack. These boxes are about $5 and 1:4 of them come with a hit. The last time I opened one before the card gold rush, I pulled a no-name autograph.

I didn't want to post all 75 cards from the box, that would be a lot of pictures especially using the light box to do them. So I pulled out the key/my favorite ones.
The pack I found in my box was a 2015 Score retail pack. Too bad 2015 didn't have a better rookie class. I battled with myself on whether to open it or not, but I decided for now to keep it sealed for another rainy or snowy day.

The cards are an assortment from new to old which is all apart of the fun of opening one of these. There isn't usually a lot of junk in these or at least by my standards.
Joe Montana on the iconic Pro Set design and Jim Brown card from Topps Magic.

Fred Barnett towards my 1997 Skybox Premium set chase and a PC card in J.T. Turner of the Giants.

Another PC card in Cedric Jones, though I do have probably ten copies already. The Pro Line Jerry Glanville made me chuckle. I truly appreciate those cards and their photography. There hasn't been anything like it in the hobby since.

Two Hall Of Famers. I have always been a fan of Warner.

Frank Gore (looks so off in any uniform that isn't the 49ers) and Theismann. He still has his perfect leg in this photo but I am sure still has nightmares of LT,

Finally, we close it up with my two favorite card finds. Topps Gold Label was a beautiful product and I liked Taylor so this was an excellent find. Then you can't ever complain about finding a Bo no matter the sport.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This was a fun break for the price. I thought I did pretty decent with the Hall of Famer names in the box and some cards that I didn't show for my late 90's PC. I think the only other way to improve one of these is to include an insert or two. That would intrigue me even more.

I see myself opening up a baseball one the next time I open one of these.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. God Bless!

Thoughts on my break are welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. You did pretty well with this one.

    1. I thought so compared to others I have opened in the past

  2. Not too shabby. Five bucks is a good price point. It's not a lot of money... and the entertainment value alone is worth a couple bucks.

    Side note... when I reorganized the card boxes sitting in my garage I found a bunch of those Topps Gold Label cards. Great looking cards.

    1. ooooooo if you ever need to unload any Gold Label cards I will take

  3. I walked away from buying those at my local Walgreens. After seeing this I might splurge on one.

    1. I think you should at least try one. Some are $8 or $9 and come with a hobby pack. Those ones have been great as well.

  4. They're not for me, but I do enjoy seeing what others pulled from them.

    1. I like the variety, at first wasn't too much of a fan, but they have grown on me


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