Thursday, January 20, 2022

Let Me See That Thong

*ooooh that coffee is scandalous, and you know I can handle it. drinking that cup like a fish with my eyes look so devilish*

*sits down with cup of coffee, card and laptop. Cards Over Coffee time and I hope you are ready for some with me!*

It was 2000, I was a junior in high school and I loved listening to music in my free time. At that time in my life, I didn't have a lot of CD's or even cassette tapes. Just a couple of each. So, most of my music I listened to came from the radio and the local radio station.

One of the hottest songs on the radio was one of the most annoying ones I had ever heard, Thong Song by Sisqo.

It seemed like everyone was singing it. My friends, classmates in the hallways, blasting in the football locker room, and some of the teachers even humming it. Okay, I made that last part up, but I was trying to make a point. I can't imagine any of the teachers I had in high school humming that song nor would I have wanted them to.

*takes a sip, hums thong song after sip*

After many years of Thong Song therapy, which was simply avoiding the song, I heard it recently when I was watching music videos on MTV Classic Video channel, and I found myself not turning it off. What has happened??? Instead of turning it off, it drove some nostalgia my way instead. How odd? A song I couldn't stand for years was now a song that brought me some joy?? Not sure how that works but it did and because of that, it led me to one of my most recent pickups.

A Sisqo autograph from 2021 Leaf Pop Century.

The card is a purple parallel /20 and features a classic Pro Set design.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I will admit I have listened to the song a few times since I saw the music video just to bring back some memories from that. Just to clear the air before a rumor starts, no I didn't wear a thong and dance like Tom Cruise in Risky Business to the song. Instead, I just drank coffee to it.

How about you guys...have you ever despised song and then find yourself listening to it many years later and it not bothering you anymore? Let me know in comments!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. All the time - part of the reason I despise a song in the first place is because it's so popular the radio stations play it every hour on the hour. I get sick of hearing the same songs repeatedly, but over time when I hear those same songs maybe once a week it's better and I appreciate it more.

    1. Our local station is awful with that, they will play the new songs over and over and over again

  2. When I was young I hated "Bohemian Rhapsody". Then in 1992 it was re-issued, and the thought of playing it all the time (I worked for a top 40 radio station back then) was most unpleasant. But before long, I realized I was actually enjoying it! It never became a real favorite, but I can respect and enjoy it. Guess 9-year-old me just wasn't ready for it.

    1. I think that is part of the thing, at the time those songs are played, we may not have been ready for them. AS we get older, same with food, we find some things more tolerable

  3. I listened to Ice Ice Baby in one of my classes this week. Wasn't a fan back in the day, but it's tolerable now. Thong Song? Can't do it. I'd skip it in a heartbeat.

    1. Lol. Ice Ice Baby is probably on my list as well for one of those songs to skip but if the mood catches me right, I may leave it on


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