Thursday, January 13, 2022

Milestones Part 1

*coffee is ready, cards are as well. lets do some cards over coffee!*

As a player collector, I think it's important to not only set milestones, but celebrate them as well.

I reached a milestone with two of my "Big 3" player collections recently and now is the time to celebrate it. Of course, the first thing I need to celebrate is finally uploading these photos. It took seven, SEVEN hours to upload 72 photos to this blog yesterday. THAT IS NO JOKE. When people wonder why blogging can be challenging, this is one of the reasons.

Enough with the problems I had yesterday, just like with anything else, today is a new day and a new start. Let's celebrate.

*takes as sip of coffee before showing off the cards*

Charles Way is the newest of the Big 3 players I collect. In less than a year, I have reached the pinnacle of collecting him. I am the Number one collector on TCDB for Way by a long shot, I have 43.4 % of all Way cards (109/251) and just reached the 100-card milestone thanks to my friends Wes and Shane.

Here are the ones that took me over the 100 milestone,
2000 Pacific Premiere Date /78

1998 Topps Gold Label Red Label

These are numbered to 50 and hard to find.

Same goes for this Gold parallel of Way from the 1998 Contenders Leather.

Not easy to find and is numbered to 76.

The next tough card to find was this 1998 Fleer Tradition Trophy Collection, there are only 20 of these out there.

And finally,
1999 Score 10th Anniversar Artist Proof parallel.

These are /10. As you can imagine, not easy to find at all.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have set my next milestone for my Way collection to reach the 150-card mark. There is a WAYS to go, but, looking at how fast I built this PC in the last few months, it may not take as long as I think to reach it. The tough part once again will be landing the rarer cards such as the two PMG's I have seen listed recently I just couldn't pull off. I may never see those head my WAY.

Thoughts on my milestone and how you collect your player collections welcomed in comments. Part 2 of Milestones will come your WAY tomorrow.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Congrats on being the TCDB's #1 Charles Way collector!

  2. Hmm, I know I'm down in the ranks as a Priest Holmes collector, but I've never thought to see if anyone else collects Marcus Dupree, Jim Marshall, Richie Anderson, or the other couple obscure football guys that I do.
    Some nice rarities there...

    1. I am sure. Just like I collect Charles Way, who does that lol. Of course Rodney Hampton puts me in that spot as well. There is a guy on Twitter who collects a 90s running back who is obscure, but the name is slipping me right now

  3. Congratulations! Some of those are some crazy hard to find cards. That's awesome.

    I'd like to set some milestones... but I have to get organized first. I have no idea how many cards of Tony Gwynn (or any other player PC) I have. Although I did set a goal to grab 19 autographs of his in honor of his jersey number.

    1. That's cool!! I already reached that with my Eli collection, if only I can do it with my Ken Griffey Jr collection but that will never happen


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