Thursday, January 6, 2022

Striving To Be Better

*the wind is blowing slightly, the snow is starting to fall, and the chill is in the air. Good thing I have my hand-dandy hot freshly brewed coffee by my side. Now it's time for some Cards Over Coffee*

Striving for greatness. This was my aim when I started this blog. I wanted to show off a bit more of my fun, at least I think it is, personality and show cards in a way that no other blog has before. I think up to this point, no other blog approaches posts like I do with this one. I was hoping this blog would stand out and take off though up to this point it really hasn't done that.

I do believe that maybe more this site is visited or the more some of you spread the word about this blog, it will grow. Maybe even be an award winning one sometime. Seems like someone hosted a year end awards ceremony recently......

*takes a sip. warm coffee hits immediately. Gets ready to discuss the awards ceremony*

In December, Nachos Grande Blog hosted the End-of-year end awards where you could vote on the best of things both in the hobby and in the blogging world.

There were eight categories overall and those were split four and four including Best Blog Of 2021.

In the back of my mind, my hope was that Cards Over Coffee would make an appearance in at least one of the three categories. I had wishful thinking that the category would be Best Blog Of 2021 but pretty much knew that Greg over at the legendary Night Owl Cards would most likely take that award home.

And I was right. He took home over 50% of the vote as well completely flattening the competition. 

Greg is the Tom Brady of the blogosphere with multiple wins in this category across many years. He is a very talented writer and it's hard to "compete" against greatness. And when I say compete, that is a soft term. We don't really compete as bloggers; we are all here for each other and enjoy each other's blogs and hobby discussions. We are a family. So, I don't hold grudges against losing these things, I say congrats and strive for myself to do better and look up to Greg.

Night Owl Cards was actually one of the popular blogs I spent "studying" before coming up with the concept and writing for this blog. So, I guess you can say that I am a rookie quarterback doing his studying from a veteran.

*takes a sip, continues on with today's post*

The next category was for Favorite Blog Series. I had a feeling I wouldn't fall in this one as I don't do a lot of segments on here, though that may change this year.
Collecting Cutch took this one home. His month long Save Second Base is annually exciting with some pretty ladies and a great way to raise awareness.

The next category to vote for was Favorite "Under The Radar Blog" which I consider this blog to be.

However, it says if someone voted a blog for Favorite Blogs To Read that it wouldn't be listed in the "Under The Radar" category. I wonder.....

Which brings us to that final category.

And look, Cards Over Coffee made it! It's also in there among many other greats. I am not sure how many of you voted for Cards Over Coffee as a favorite blog to read, but I truly appreciate it. Also, thanks if you voted for it in any of the other categories.

I really hope that Nachos Grande runs this again next year. I think it would be fun again to vote and vote for something that we don't have to mail in ballots for. Wouldn't want those Cards Over Coffee votes getting lost or miscounted :)

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

My biggest goal for this blog this year is to continue to make it better. I want to improve in every area of it especially my writing and content.

I will say that today's post took me an hour from start to finish and I hope it's as great as I think it turned out with the time, I spent on it.

Have a happy Thursday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I hadn't seen Chris post these results yet. Not surprised by Night Owl's win - hard to top a professional writer who has been blogging for over 15 years! At least I got on the list of Favorite Blogs To Read too!

    1. Yes, I thought that was a great category. He posted the results in his 12 days of Christmas posts.

  2. Night Owl is truly in a league of his own... which explains why he writes for Beckett on the side. He's such a gifted writer. Chris should just create another category: Second Best Blog of 2021. :D

  3. Great write-up and thanks for the kind words about the voting! As for Fuji's idea, it's probably not a bad idea! Just pencil in Night Owl at the top and then everyone else can "play for silver." Seriously though, I enjoy everyone's blogs and I think having a lot of bloggers helps make us all better (it certainly makes the community as a whole better). I do hope to do a similar vote next year...someone remind me that I said that come next November, okay?!

    1. I hope the community grows bigger this year. I feel like we have lost quite a few.

      I will do my best to remember to remind you. My memory sometimes is lacking.


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