Wednesday, January 19, 2022


*sits down with laptop and today's card by the side. It's time for some cards over coffee*

"Will you hurry up Matt, I'm freezing my baguettes off" were my thoughts when I stepped outside momentarily this morning referencing Art from Christmas Vacation. The temperature currently sits at zero, but the wind chill factor brings it well below that. Today is more of a hot cup of cocoa with cards day. So today will feature Cards Over Cocoa. Don't worry, no name blog name incoming.

Another thing that comes to mind on a frigid day like today is a nice cup of hot soup. I am not a huge soup person, but the mood does strike occasionally, and I will have a bowl. I prefer Chicken Noodle, Cream Of Mushroom or Tomato when that mood comes.

*takes a sip of hot cocoa, doesn't quite hit like coffee, but warms you up*

Will I have some soup today? Probably not. I just inspected my cupboards, and I don't have any on hand, so I guess NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

Have you heard that phrase before? I would be surprised if you said no especially if you were around in the 90's and watched Seinfeld. Heck, even today you hear and see that phrase through Memes, GIFs, etc whether you watched Seinfeld or not.
The episode features Larry Thomas as the "Soup Nazi" who runs a soup shop and is very temperamental, especially about the ordering procedure of his soups. Which is where he gets his nickname from.  If you didn't order the soup correctly, there would be NO SOUP FOR YOU! Which many of the Seinfeld characters found themselves apart of for different reasons.

I recently landed this autograph pretty cheap for my Seinfeld PC. This is one of the very few Seinfeld characters with an authentic autograph card. I am still surprised to this day that Jerry Seinfeld hasn't signed for anyone or that any company hasn't created a Seinfeld set. It feels like a loss to the hobby.

*begins to think about making some homemade soup, then realizes no ingredients are here and it's still too bitter to go outside. Still NO SOUP FOR YOU!*

Larry is best known for his role on Seinfeld, but he has also been in other movies and other television shows as well. The list is pretty lengthy, and I didn't realize it until I looked him up.

I hope to add more autographs from the show later on as I have my eye on a couple. At one point, I was close to a Jason Alexander but forgot to bid.

In comments today, let's hear your thoughts on my autograph, if you saw the Soup Nazi episode and what your favorite soup flavor is.

* cocoa blogger out*


  1. Never been a soup person either, but I do enjoy a hearty potato soup now and then.

    1. If done right, I don't mind one of those as well

  2. Loved Seinfeld when it was on (although the last season or two had a lot of subpar episodes), but at some point I got burned out on the reruns. The Soup Nazi is a great episode, though. The character was based on Al Yeganeh, who operates the "Original Soupman" chain, which is quite good.

    I love soup. I adore French onion soup. And when I'm in Singapore, oh, gosh, they have such great, great soup there. One of my favorites is Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles, which is a shrimp noodle soup. The woman who operates is pretty much the Asian equivalent of the "soup nazi"--you can often hear her yelling at customers who don't line up in the right place or something. She loves me, though, because where she is she doesn't get a lot of American regulars.

    My other favorite is Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, which is noodle soup with ground pork, known in Singapore as "bok chor mee". It's a tiny booth with only a couple items on its menu, but it has a Michelin star. I believe it's the cheapest Michelin star meal in the world. And, oh, boy, does it earn that star.

    1. I am gonna have to check all of these out and didn't know the back story to Soup Nazi. Can't believe someone is actually like that haha

  3. Larry Thomas signed at my buddy's show back in August. He seemed pretty cool and casually walked around the show during his break. Although I was too embarrassed to try and start a conversation with him, I did walk up to his table and say hello. My buddy hooked me up with a signed Funko Pop for helping him out.

    The Soup Nazi episode is iconic. Loved Seinfeld. As for soup... my favorite is Hawaiian saimin.

    1. That's awesome!!! I have seen some of the signed Funkos online, but went for a card instead


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