Saturday, January 15, 2022

Still A Moron

*cards over coffee is new and fresh today like the cup of coffee that sits next to me. I have a card in mind for today's post so let's get on it!*

Since Allen and Ginters release, I have had my eyes on landing one autograph from the set. No, it wasn't a sports player or an upcoming prospect to bank off of, it was an actor autograph.

On October 28th, I proclaimed that I wanted a Jeff Garlin autograph to go with the relic card I posted that day. Well, it happened two months later.

I finally got the autograph I had hoped for in a trade @DarkCards66 after tweeting multiple times that I was still looking for it. He saw my tweet and was happy to help as he didn't have any success in trading it elsewhere. Destiny finally was going to bring that card to me.

*takes a sip before showing off the card*

The autograph of Garlin I wanted for my Goldbergs collection. 

It was actually the show that Garlin formerly starred on.

Wait...formerly starred on???? Wasn't he just on there a couple of months ago when I first put up a post about wanting this autograph? (yes having a conversation with myself, with you and my cup of coffee)

You read it and I typed that right. After playing the role of Murray Goldberg, which to me was one of the most important characters on the show, Garlin came to a mutual agreement to leave the show about a month ago after HR did some investigating about his behavior on set.

The show had already taken a big enough hit the last few seasons with Adam Goldberg (the character who's life is the basis of the show) no longer writing for the show, the passing of George Segal as Pops and now Garlin leaving. I can't imagine it surviving to past this season or how they will fix it so they can. Garlin's character will still live on for the rest of this season but through a lot of old footage, shots from behind, voice overs, etc. Not ideal at all.

I guess you can say it was a moronic move by Garlin for whatever he may had done. Kind of ironic based on how his character would have treated his kids if they had made that mistake.

I still don't feel like a moron for adding this autograph to my collection as I enjoyed his time on the show. Thanks to @DarkCards66 for the trade again.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am happy with my Garlin collection from Allen and Ginter and probably won't chase him any further in it. There are a couple other actors autographs including Paul Rudd I would love to add. But, that will be much more challening.

Thoughts on The Goldbergs, Murray Goldberg, Jeff Garlin or my latest autograph addition welcomed in comments below!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. As a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm... I'd love to own a Garlin autograph too. I vaguely remember hearing some controversy around him, but these days I tend to put on my earmuffs and turn a blind eye to drama within the entertainment field. Hope the situation wasn't something that scarred someone for life.

    1. I hope it wasn't either. But, just happy to remember the good moments of the show with Garlin.

  2. Honestly haven't followed prime time TV in probably 20 years, so as I've said on my blog the only thing I know about Garlin is he shows up at Cubs games a lot.

    1. He is also a collector. I saw him featured on a video from Burbank sportcards and he was talking about players and cards

  3. My wife and I watch the Goldbergs show regularly. What a shame he has disqualified himself.

    1. I know!! I think the show should be in its last run now


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