Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Coffee Break:2021 Inception Baseball

*box of newer product, cup of fresh coffee, it's time for some Cards Over Coffee in today's Coffee break*

Inception was a brand I wasn't sold on when it first released. Being a collector with action photography in mind I pushed off products that didn't include real photography. But, after giving it a couple of years and landing some of the cards actually in-person, my perspective changed and I realized I don't always need those full action shots. I could deal and enjoy the cards with an artistic touch.

So here we are today with a box of 2021 Inception to show off. Let's see how this Coffee Break goes. Grab a cup yourself and sit down and enjoy.

Every box of 2021 Inception Baseball comes with one pack of seven cards. Each box comes with one autograph, two parallels and four base. Each box is $185 currently so it's a gamble.

*takes a sip, begins to rip!*

The base set is made up of 100 cards and contains key rookies and veterans.

The design sticks to similar design of the past couple of years.

The back has a small write up along with one year of stats and career stats. 

Other base I found in my break were,

Ozzie Albies

Devin Williams

Alex Bregman

Now onto the parallels.

*takes a sip, moves onto the next part of the break*

There are multiple parallels to be found in Inception this year. These parallels include, Green, Purple /150, Magenta /99, Red /75, Orange /50, Blue /25, and Inception 1/1.

I got two base parallels in the Green.
Blake Snell

And Ronald Acuna Jr.

That does it for my two promised parallels. Now onto the last card of the box which is the hit.

*takes a sip before showing off the final card*

I have not had much success in hits in past breaks of Inception. It usually is a rookie pitcher autograph which does not tickle my funny bone.

This time however, I lucked out.

Pulled a PC card of one of the few Yankees I still collect in Gleyber Torres. It also marks the first time I pulled a patch autograph from the product as well. So not too shabby of a hit.

*takes another sip, then another because coffee is getting cold. Moves onto finishing up the post*

Inception looked good again this year especially that patch auto. That's a really sharp card. But, once again in the "new hobby era" with prices going up, the risk is there more than ever. You just gotta hope that one hit will be a big one.

*Here's to another Coffee Break, hope everyone has a great day and remember, coffee is best served warm. Coffee Card blogger out*

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵 on this break. Ratings are not based on overall product run)

Design 🍵🍵🍵
Photography N/A
Inserts N/A
Hits 🍵🍵🍵
Price 🍵🍵
Value 🍵🍵


  1. Glad the hit was to your liking! I think the Acuna is my favorite.

  2. Congratulations on pulling a Yankee patch autograph for your collection! The one issue I have with these kinds of products is the use of stickers for a $150 (one hit per box) product. Then again... I don't really open modern boxes, so it doesn't impact me.

  3. Congrats on getting a PC guy for your hit, even if he is a Yankee... ;)

  4. Thanks for showing off the cards! This is way outta my range so getting to see what you got is a treat.


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