Saturday, April 17, 2021

Appreciating The Little Things

*it's time for a cup of coffee and some cards. Which means it's time for a new post of Cards Over Coffee*

One thing I have learned during the pandemic, other than that there is a lot of greed in the hobby and in the world, is that was finally time to appreciate the little things in life and in the hobby.

Things that I used to take for granted such as family and family get togethers, were things you became accustomed to, but didn't realize how deeply important they were until the pandemic.  There are some close parts of my family I haven't seen since Christmas of 2019 and it starts to get to you after awhile. You start to think, "why did I pretend to fall asleep during game night?" or "why didn't I go out to eat with them when they invited me?" Or "why didn't I push myself to stay up later those few extra hours to spend even more time with them instead of going to bed?" The answer is, I always thought it would be there next time.

During the pandemic, it was starting to get worrisome that there may not be a next time. I should have done those things at "those times" and taken advantage of every moment. As vaccines have started rolling out, I have my appointment set up for May 1st to get my first shot of Moderna, I feel like I may have those times again and this time you better believe I will soak in every second of it. Time to be that weird uncle who gives out the long hugs.

I not only find myself questioning little things in life such as above, but little things in the hobby as well. Something such as simple as following @CardsFromTheAttic.

*takes a sip, continues on*

When I first started following @CardsFromTheAttic years ago, some of his tweets felt like an attack on the blogging community and I couldn't have that. We are a close family in the blogosphere and I couldn't simply deal with someone who felt the way they did about us. So I unfollowed him and he followed suit later on as well and I went on with my Twitter life.

Fast forward to last summer, I started seeing some tweets from him being re-tweeted from others I followed. I then began to ask myself if I misread him years ago and gave him another follow. Come to find out, he is actually a good guy and his tweets I felt were attacks were actually apart of his personality and humor. You have to be a funny person, such as I consider myself to be, to fully get his humor.

Since I have re-followed him, I have joined in on some of his banter and enjoyed his content such as the March Madness Tournament in #CardboardChaos. Even though every brand I voted on, the late 90's ones, never made it too far.
Another thing you find out fast about him is his love of yellow in 1991 Fleer. He bleeds yellow. He screams yellow. He tweets yellow. Probably even has yellow socks and sandals on while he tweets. (The last part of that you would have to follow him to understand that sort of inside joke)

I questioned myself again about 1991 Fleer and maybe I missed something. Maybe I should give it another look and another chance just like I did in following @CardsFromTheAttic again. Come to find out, I did miss something in 1991 Fleer and it wasn't anything that Coldplay sang about.

*takes another sip, finds a snack to tie over before breakfast*

My favorite part of 1991 Fleer was staring at me the whole time and it was something with a black border, not yellow. Something that really stood out that I would have turned a blind eye to before. It was the Pro-Visions insert.

The 12-card insert set featured paintings by artist Terry Smith and featured "framed" black borders on each card front. The cards were randomly inserted in wax and rack packs to find. All I know is when I did open up some '91 Fleer "back in the day" is that I never once landed one of those inserts. I think they must be a little tough to find.

I am not sure how I didn't pay any attention to these before, but God Bless America that I am now.

And thanks to @CardsFromTheAttic, I have the entire set.

The artwork along with the black border really makes these stand out. I do wished that Griffey had been included, but it still doesn't disappoint.

Along with this full set, he also sent along some extras,

some of which I hadn't seen before including this Pete Rose.

Thanks goes out to @CardsFromTheAttic for the mail day and for the reminder that not everything about 1991 Fleer was bad.

*takes another sip before closing up today's post*

Whether it's family or something as simple as 1991 Fleer, I am no longer taking anything for granted. That includes waking up each day or even that cup of coffee in the morning (and of course the ones at noon and night as well). You just never know that day where it may not happen so take advantage of every second you are breathing.

*hope everyone enjoys a fresh cup of coffee today with this post and I hope you all have a great day as well. Coffee card blogger out*


  1. Those Pro Visions cards are sick!

    I've certainly learned a similar lesson during this never-ending pandemic: spend less time (and money) on the hobby and more time (and money) on my family. As a result I've focused on low-end cards while selling my higher-value items to start saving for a new house.

  2. A. The pandemic has certainly given me and many people I have spoken with a different perspective on certain things in life. Although I know a few people who had COVID, I was lucky in the sense that none of them passed away. Can't begin to imagine how something like that would have change my perspective. As for having a deeper appreciation of what we have in front of us, I right there with you. It seems like personal events help us as human beings reevaluate things and allow us to open our eyes to appreciating what we have, because we never know when it'll be gone or when we'll be gone. Obviously can't speak for anyone but myself... but I'm the kind of person who needs those constant reminders.

    B. Never really got into Twitter. I have an account and used it to plug my posts and communicate with bloggers from time to time, but have never really read it or used it in the way most people do. That being said... I just signed in and followed @CardsFromTheAttic. It was cool to see another collector out there who enjoys 1991 Fleer baseball.

    C. Glad to see those Pro Visions making a resurgence in popularity the past year or so. Great set. Love the 1981 Fleer Star Stickers too.

    1. Now that Covid has hit more close to home, my father and sister have it, it makes me think even more on this stuff.

  3. I had this set framed and hanging in my office at work. I would always get compliments and asked what it was. With the pandemic, my office has closed and I am permanently working from home. I miss going into the office and talking sports with my co-workers. It is just not the American doing it over Skype.

    1. Totally agree. I hope they re-open up your office soon!

  4. The Greenwell Pro Vision is one of my all-time favorite cards.

    1. That one and the Mattingly are very eye pleasing!

  5. Congrats on getting your first shot set up!


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