Friday, April 2, 2021


*takes a sip of coffee on this cold 22 degree day. Wind chill and snow probably take that down a few more degrees. But, I have coffee and I have cards and that's all I am focused on right now. Time for some Cards Over Coffee*

Heritage is a noun that means "property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance: and also "valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations." 

I think I know what my heritage is, it's sport cards.

It's what will be passed down to me and what I will one day pass down myself. I just hope the hobby is at a better place when that day comes for me or I could see my once "valued possessions" not be passed down again. Most likely would be sold off.

The thought of that happening is mightily disappointing.

*takes a sip, wonders if my passion of coffee would be passed down as well*

Heritage is also a twice-yearly Topps baseball release with it's first release, Low Number, just hitting the shelves recently. I was fortunately lucky enough to find a blaster box at my Walmart, which also happened to be the last of anything left on the shelf as well. Either way, I wasn't leaving it there for someone to flip. I wanted something to rip.

I am not a huge fan of the product, but I do like to pick up a few retail offerings of it every year just to say I have some. Hobby box wise, I stay away. A little too costly for one hit that 9 times out of 10 will be a relic. Hobby Boxes this year are in the $140 range.

I haven't seen a lot of rips or previews of the product this year so this rip will be fresh for me. So there is only one thing left to do....

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

There are 8 packs of 9 cards in every blaster box of 2021 Topps Heritage baseball. There are no guarantees in each blaster other than having a good time ripping something new. Each blaster box not being flipped will run you $20.

The base set takes you back to the 1972 design which to me is a good one, though I wasn't around to collect it at the time. I do own a few cards from that set now.

It is also a pretty large set for modern day collecting.
There are 500 cards in the base set. FIVE....HUNDRED. That's 5 and two 00's.

The base set breaks down into Veteran Base and subsets of

League Leaders from 2020

In Action (I really like these because of the unique photography on the card. This Cutch was my favorite from the ones I found in this break)

2020 Postseason and World Series moments

Along with these Boyhood Photos.

You can't have a base set without rookie cards, so insert these Rookie Stars, which I did really well with landing Adell and Bohm.

I also pulled a Ruiz

 and a Yankees one for the PC.

There are also short prints, no surprise there.
Cards 400-500 are short printed and found 1:3 packs. It will be a challenge to complete this set, fortunately for me I have no interest in chasing it.

*takes a sip before moving onto the inserts*

Then And Now of Dick Allen and Luke Voit. Overall there are 15 cards in the set to collect.

New Age Performers. There are 25 of them to chase. I feel like I landed the best one.

And finally 1972 Topps Candy Lids insert. Can't complain about ever finding a Clemente in a break.

*takes a sip before finishing up the post*

As usual with my breaks of Heritage, nothing big but a few decent cards. I have seen many though hit it huge in retail Heritage with autographs of Acuna, etc. I don't have that kind of luck. Guess that's my Heritage, never finding the retail big hits. Hopefully that kind of luck doesn't get passed down.


  1. Dick Allen and Luke Voit? What in the world is similar between them? I mean, they're both power-hitting first baseman, but so are 200 other players in the history of the game, and I can't think of any other connections between them.

    I've liked the looks of the last two Heritage sets.

    1. Dick Allen led the AL in home runs in 1972; Voit led the AL in home runs last year. That's the connection they usually use for the Then And Now cards--players who led the same league in the same category.

    2. Good to know for myself as well!

  2. Thanks as usual for showing off the contents! The retail shelves are still barren but I have had a few opportunities for Series 1 so hopefully I'll luck into a pack or two of Heritage.


Cards and coffee go together like PB&J, so don't you and leaving a comment below. Take a sip and let me know your thoughts!