Thursday, April 8, 2021

80's On The 8th:1986 Topps Bruce Smith

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Today kicks off a new segment on here. Every 8th of every month I will be posting an 80's card or 80's set and try my best to elaborate on said item.

Today I kick it off with a 1986 Topps Bruce Smith rookie.

When I think of 1986 Topps, I mainly think of Jerry Rice. But sometimes I forget about all of the other star rookies that were in the set such as Reggie White, Andre Reed and Bruce Smith.

Bruce Smith was elected to the NFL Hall Of Fame in 2009 after spending his time in the NFL from 1985-2003 recording 200 sacks and over 1200 tackles. He was a force along that Bills defensive line but sadly was a salary cut in 1999 where he then ended his last few career years with the Washington Redskins. It was really weird to see him in anything but a Bills uniform.

Smith is card number 389 in the 396 card set.

I have most of the key cards now from the '86 set thanks to Wes for sending along the Smith. I have Reed, Young, White and one of the very few graded cards in my collection in the Jerry Rice rookie which I won in a contest years ago.

I don't plan to chase the '86 Topps set but I will admit I do like the design.

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  1. BRUUUCE!!!! He's one of my all-time favorites, and watching him sack the quarterback were some of the best parts of the game.

  2. Sharp looking Smith RC! I had two copies of this card and neither one looked as nice as yours.

  3. Nice card. Five hall of fame rookie cards? This is such a great set.

    1. It is. Probably a costly one to build though I do have most key pieces

  4. And for me, I identify '86 Topps with William Perry's rookie.


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