Saturday, April 3, 2021


*cup of coffee ready, computer up and running and now it's time for some Cards Over Coffee*

100 is a special number. It's a nice round crisp number and I love my numbers.

It's probably the amount of cups of coffee I had for the month of March. It's probably close to the number of cards I added for the year so far as well. And it's now the number of posts that you guys have read on Cards Over Coffee. 

Welcome to post number 100.

Today, I will be showing off my latest trade with Cards Over Coffee reader, Oren, who I have now completed three trades with.

*takes a sip, maybe I can do 100 of those before this post is over*

Oren knows I am a huge non sport card collector. It doesn't matter if I have watched the show or movie. It doesn't even matter what company produced the item as I have non sport cards from Cryptozoic, Topps, Panini, and Leaf just to name a few. It also doesn't matter if I already have the item. I will take it all.

Oren had emailed me of two non sport card items he recently found and knew they would fit my collection.
First up is this wardrobe relic of a Terminus Resident from the AMC show, The Walking Dead. I have never seen an episode of the show, but know of it. It's one of those I hope to watch later on in life. I was a huge horror fan growing up and enjoyed movies like Night Of The Living Dead, Day Of The Dead and Dawn Of The Dead but since I have become an adult I have fallen more for comedies.

The second card has a Stamp Relic from 1969 embedded from it from 2019 Historic Autographs 1969 product. I think this is super cool and it's just like coins in cards with it being two hobbies in one.

Two very nice additions to the non sport collection. I would try to use the 100 here, but I know I am well above 100 non sport autograph/relic cards.

What do you guys think about the stamp relic cards like this by the way?

*takes a sip before finishing up this post*

Thanks again to Oren for yet another great trade. I look forward to our next one.

As a closing statement, thank you to every one of you coffee and card heads who have come here and read my keyboarding rambles for 100 times. Stay tuned for another 100 or more posts that I hope you come back for.

*tips my mug towards the computer to give you cheers, coffee card blogger out*


  1. Congrats on 100 posts! I'm pretty close to 100 posts myself, with 100. It's taking a lot longer, though.

  2. Happy 100th! Seems like the blog was just started yesterday, so either time has been flying, or you've really been cranking out the posts.

  3. Congratulations on #100. Love this blog! Keep up the great work. As for stamp relics, I enjoy them. Donruss/Panini went through a brief phase where they offered them and they turned out really nice. I have a Gwynn... and a few non-sports celebrity stamp relic cards.

  4. Wow, 100 already? That was fast. Nice work, and here's to the next 100!

  5. Congrats on the century mark!


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