Thursday, April 15, 2021


*brews an afternoon cup of hot joe, coffee not someone actually named Joe, to do a quick post for Cards Over Coffee. Let's get to this!*

Miracles happen every day. 

I haven't ever witnessed a big miracle in person, but have seen and heard stories of them happening. Things such as deaf babies hearing for the first time, Bible miracles where Jesus healed many with a simple touch from impossible situations, unsolved cold cases getting solved after decades, 105 year old's catching Covid-19 twice and surviving it, or missing people getting found are just a few examples of every day miracles.

*takes a sip, begins to tell a story*

I witnessed a very small miracle compared to those examples today myself.

Here is my story:

My wife randomly wanted to take the hour drive to Walmart today before my sister-in-law arrived for the weekend and I wasn't really feeling it. I don't really have the interest I once did in taking the trip to Walmart only to be disappointed checking out the card section and other than cards, I have no reason to even want to go. I have no other hobbies.

However, I said "let's do it anyways" and I went along for the trip. 

It was probably the McDonald's coffee I had just gotten doing the talking and convincing of me to go. Actually, I wasn't doing much talking after the first sip burned my tongue off. How does their coffee get so hot in comparison to others?!!

We arrived to the Walmart and I found myself in the store wanting to leave as soon as I entered, especially seeing the amount of people were shopping. Since Covid began, I don't like being anywhere near big crowds. 

I wanted to so badly rush out of there and started to turn away to leave before my wife insisted that I go and check out the card section while I was there and while she shopped. I figured might as well since the section was near the way out and that's when I witnessed my minor miracle.....
Donruss, Series 1 Tin, Topps Heritage, Leaf and Sage Hit 2021 football, oh my!

For the first time in months, I found cards at my local Walmart (the one box of Optic football I found awhile back was at a further away Walmart). I was in both shock and awe as I stood there staring at the section like I was staring at a supermodel. I could even feel the drool hang from the corner of my mouth.

*takes a sip; dripping some out of the mouth from seeing this picture again. In comparison, this picture was 90's Cindy Crawford good*

I immediately called, literally used my phone since she was in another section, my wife to come over to reassure me it wasn't a mirage. She not only pinched me, but assured me what I was seeing was actual cards. Even put one in my hand and I could feel it.



Did I say Wow yet?


*takes another sip*

Knowing my funds are never great, I knew I couldn't take everything, not that I would ever do that anyways. I was actually hopeful that some kid or someone like myself who collects would land some of it after I left. Odds are though, some flippers came through after I left and bought it all like they usually do. Except it usually happens before I arrive.

At least my timing and payday helped me land a few fun things for myself. I plan to open those for future posts on here. Honestly and surprisingly, I still haven't opened a single pack yet as I am going to soak this in for awhile as I know I may never see this again.

*takes another sip feeling pretty good for once about the Walmart trip*

My miracle today was more comparable to to a bald man finding one strand of extra hair on his head then it is to something bigger such as someone beating Cancer, but it's still a miracle I got to witness and be apart of. It counts for something I think.

*takes another sip and smiles this time knowing some wax is awaiting to be opened, Coffee Card Blogger out!*


  1. I go back and forth on whether or not I'd grab a blaster of Heritage if I found one in the wild. I think that's the only product I'd really be excited to find at my local Target on a personal level. I'd also be excited to find any basketball, because I know I could flip them and use the proceeds to buy myself an overpriced Heritage set ;D

    1. Haha! I actually didn't touch any of the Heritage. I wanted basketball just to open basketball lol

  2. Ironically, just yesterday my Wally World had more cards than I've seen in almost a year too. It wasn't like yours - my choices were Series 1 and Heritage, but it was enough!

  3. Glad you had some luck. I know so many hardly ever find anything in the wild anymore so it's great when you see collectors finally do.


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