Friday, April 9, 2021

90's On The 9th:1997 Revolution Ring Bearer Mark Brunell

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Yesterday was 80's On The 8th so today only made sense to have a 90's version of it.

Just like with the 80's on the 8th, every 9th of a month I will post a 90's card or card set and elaborate some information on it.

So let's check out today's card.

*takes a sip before the show off*

Today's card I grabbed very cheaply compared to most sales of these snagging it for only $4.

The 1997 Revolution Ring Bearers inserts were rare finds falling at 1:121 packs.

These cards are die cut into a championship ring and have foil and is embossing. There is also some laser cut technology around each of the "jewels" on the ring bringing this overall design together. 

The back of the card talks about the featured player but doesn't possess the pizzazz the front of the card has. It's still a great looking card on the back as well.

There are 12 of these in the set and its a set I don't plan to chase as it could get very expensive.

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  1. Cool insert. Miss the days of pulling 1:121 inserts and feeling like you won the lottery. Glad Brunell eventually got a SB ring in 2009.

    1. I do as well. Great looking inserts over jersey cards any day


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