Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cards From A Blogger

*coffee is poured and cards are next to the computer and are ready to be discussed. It's time for some #CardsOverCoffee*

I realize every time I get a package or pwe from a fellow blogger, how I don't trade enough with my own kind. Is there a reason for that? I don't think so. I always have plenty of trade bait of every team from every sport but maybe it's wondering if they have something I like. I would say 95% of card bloggers are die hard baseball card collectors and I have been slowly drifting further away from that sport other than late 90's inserts/parallels/set building (which for me is 1995-1999), Ken Griffey Jr and Derek Jeter. It's mainly football and non sport for me at this point other than obviously that 90's stuff for every sport.

I can't say that all bloggers may not have something for me, because one definitely has me figured out. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog fame recently sent a package my way that included a little bit of everything I collect.

*takes a sip, gets ready to show off the package*


Dennis sent along some eye popping Giants cards. Only a couple I had, so the rest are brand spankin' new.

This Frank Gifford I have, but this is a huge upgrade to mine that has bad corner issues. Out with the old, in with the new! Still need a Gifford autograph card at some point.

*takes a sip, coffee is starting to get a little cold. Maybe it's time this cup goes out with the old and comes in with the new*

I don't nearly collect Griffey as deeply as I used to, but I have a feeling it will be making a bigger comeback soon. These two new cards helps.

Always was a fan of these Boss inserts of the 90's. Colorful and embossed, awesome.

Paul Perkins auto from Infinity

Ramses Barden Red Zone parallel autograph. This card is numbered to 30.

Here's a new one for me, Jai Lewis autograph. A Giants player I had no autographs of. Big plus here!

Hakeem Nicks Freshan Orientation relic

Paul Perkins Mirror Red relic.

Another Ramses Barden autograph. This time from Topps Magic.

This wasn't the end of this mail day however. Dennis threw up some trade bait on his blog and fortunately I was one of the first able to claim.

Keep in mind, I am not a Twins fan.
But I am a 1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix fan.

So I claimed every one he tossed up.

Also claimed this Chuck Knoblauch Artist Proof which will also go in my 90's collection.

Next card, yes another Twin, is this Marty Cordova Stadium Club Matrix card. Really beautiful parallel and I will take 'em all!

The next card, well, this doesn't quite fit with what I listed above. But, it is a side PC. I collect oddball relics you don't see every day. Move over jersey cards, Authentic Game Used Court swatches are winners!

And the final card, yes I do have this Rueben Randle. But, in my collection a different numbered card counts as a different card. So welcome Rueben Randle number 200something.

Thanks to Dennis for the latest mail day.

*takes a sip before closing*

There are a couple bloggers I trade with a couple of times yearly, with Dennis being one of them and a couple of former bloggers I trade with as well. But, maybe it's time I start to reach out to other bloggers and see what we can work out.

*until then, Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Wow, that's an incredible mess o cards!

    1. Yes it is! We need to trade again sometime!

  2. I got to meet Frank Gifford in Florida in early 70’s and got him auto, great guy

    1. Wow! That's awesome and I am jealous of the auto!

  3. Nice haul. Dennis is one of the best!

  4. Lots of nice cards there. That Cordova does look good.

    1. It really does, wished I could have captured it better

  5. I think we have done pretty on the PWE deals....... awaiting the next one! :)

  6. Nice stuff. Dennis hooked it up big time here.


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